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Dec 15, 2013 12:37 AM

(Kitchen) New Year's Resolutions

It's a new year quite soon. I've decided that my (Kitchen) New Year's resolution is to truly master (and to some extent, put my own signature on) the following items:

1) macaroni and cheese
2) tartes aux poires
3) roast whole chicken

...and to learn how to do the following:

1) make my own rilletes and pates
2) butcher down a whole animal
3) make icing/frosting decorations for pastry

and generally, to:

1) waste less
2) save more
3) shop as locally, ethically, and sustainably as possible.

What are you kitchen resolutions for 2014?

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  1. Thanks for getting us started!

    Substantially less ambitious than yours (wow, butcher a whole animal!):

    1) I'd like to finish two cookbooks by the end of 2014:

    a) recipes & family photos from my extended family that I give as Christmas gifts in 2014

    b) a book of my go-to recipes to use as personal reference

    2) I'd really like to cook from my cookbook collection more, maybe try one new recipe a month (start small...maybe it will snowball into more?)

    3) I need to cull my cookbook collection by another 10%

    4) Eat more fish.


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      apparently you and i are the only ones! lol...

      i'd like to add:
      learn to make my own pasta, and learn to make carnitas from scratch

      i think a compilation of favorite recipes is brilliant. do you draw mostly from family recipes, books, the internet, or personal experience?

      1. re: chartreauxx

        I wonder if people don't realize it's for 201? Perhaps if you flagged your own post and asked the mods to edit in "2014" people might notice?

        Oh, wow, I hope you share your experiences with carnitas with us!

        I draw mostly from books or trusted websites... I'm not very creative in the kitchen, unfortunately.


    2. One of my goals is to waste less, too. The problem is I will plan on making a new recipe, buy the ingredients, then life, in some form or another, gets in the way and I forget about the waiting ingredients and then have to end up throwing them away. I am trying to think of it as if I am throwing dollars in the trash can.

      Along with that is a goal to conduct grocery shopping more in the European tradition of daily. That way, I am hoping to waste little.

      Also, myself, my daughter and my granddaughters have set a goal to learn how to make tamales.

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      1. re: Wtg2Retire

        I'd like to go through all of my bookmarks and folders of recipes and actually cook them! There are so many recipes I flag, but then rarely dig out to actually make them. The same is true for many of my cookbooks. I have little sticky note bits marking pages with recipes that sound great, but too often, I'm googling recipes by ingredient, based on what I'm in the mood for, rather than returning to the marked pages in those books. So silly.

        Ditto on the waste, particularly of herbs. Why did I buy them if I wasn't planning to use them?

      2. To Wtg2Retire: I've been in the habit of daily shopping for all of my cooking life, 40+ years, and lately Mrs. O has been a bit on my case about it, largely because gas is so fiercely expensive here in SoCal and my daily driver gets about 16 mpg around town. So one of my kitchen resolutions is a garage resolution: find a good cheap gas-sipper!

        For the rest:

        1) More adventurous, more vegetarian
        2) Find some way to improve my crappy pantry setup
        3) Bake more

        And, most important of all: Mise en place ALL the time!!

        1. 1. Use expensive breadmaker more often
          2. Spent less on ingredients
          3. I have no storage space so start to use pantry items instead of buying more
          4. Eat more healthy, less snacks really my meals are pretty healthy.

          1. I was away from home for much of this year and really missed my seasonal kitchen projects. I'm looking forward to resuming them in 2014!

            1) Get all of my preserving scribbles into a usable system.

            2) Bypass post-a-notes and get better at making notations for my cookbooks on Eat Your Books.

            3) Re-start my smoker learning curb. (Used it twice before 2013 got crazy.)

            4) Get a larger pressure canner.

            5) Aim for a ferment twice each month.

            6) Get a nukazuke pot going (finally)!

            7) Participate more in COTM and Dish of the Month.
            If the monthly choice doesn't work then add to
            a prior months reports.