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Dec 14, 2013 07:56 PM

Portland New Years Eve

The wife and I will be staying in Portland over New Year's Eve. We've had disastrous NYE's there before (wandering around trying to find a cool bar, etc) but I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions on fun places to have drinks and ring in the year.
We're not into the big downtown glitzy parties. We like to hang in neighborhood bars and laid back restaurants. 22nd Street, Burnside bars, brewpubs, etc. Would love to hear some suggestions! Thanks!

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  1. Tough one. Portland Monthly put out a NYE guide that you might want to check out, but these are for parties, concerts, or other events that you mention you may not be into. The Doug Fir event might actually fit the bill, though.

    What may be tough about this is a lot of places that don't have an "event" planned may not actually be open that late (assuming you want to be there at midnight).

    Another strategy might be to search this board for places that sound good to you in general then call them directly to see if they will be open on NYE.

    1. And...I just got an email about events at Multnomah Whiskey Library. I would investigate that ASAP if interested.