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Dec 14, 2013 04:55 PM

Who Uses Better Meat, Inc., the "Stealth Butcher"?

I've known about this place for a long time, but it's not really on anyone's way anywhere. It's on a sidestreet in a residential neighborhood, not open on weekends, doesn't advertise, has no display cases, and is *tiny*. They could have subbed this exterior for Satriale's in the Sopranos lead-in.

You order what you want from: (a) what you already *know* you want; or (b) from a printed sheet. Then they bring it to you. Unless you're standing waiting for someone else's order to be filled or something of yours trimmed, you don't even see any meat! Most of the time the place looks like a vintage butcher tool museum.

But I found out that they really move the meat, provisioning a huge % of the local and Alaska-bound fishing fleets (all but 2 of the crabbers on Deadliest Catch are provisioned by BM). Retail sales are welcome, but you get the impression as a walk-in retail customer that you're the tip of a very large iceberg.

I walked out with 5 lbs. of the best-looking, -trimmed, and -tasting stew meat I've had in years ($5.95/lb.) for a special Ragu, and 2 lbs. of lean bacon ($4.79/lb.). Other example prices are: 80/20 ground beef ($3.89), lamb leg ($6.89), Oxtail ($5.29), veal bones ($3.99), bulk duck fat, and NY steak, ($12.95).

I'm going to cook and eat my way through their entire list of offerings (including my Holiday Spencer Roll Roast ($14.95), but from others who may be more familiar with Better Meat, what do you recommend?


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  1. Where is this elusive place located?

    1. I live just around the corner from this place, and it's still hard to make in during open hours--it's clearly not geared for the average home cook. I believe it's 10am-4pm tues-fri or something like that...

      But the meat is high quality and they know what they're doing. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend!

      So I walk the dog by there all the time, but thinking about what exact intersection...maybe 82nd and 3rd? facing on to either 82nd or 83rd? Greenwood.

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      1. re: dagoose

        We buy from them weekly. Everything from untrimmed brisket to rib roasts for my holiday dinner. I'm lucky because we live pretty close to there and my husband works from home and can run up at lunch and pick up our order.

      2. Those are some reasonable prices. Is the beef grass fed?

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        1. re: MamasCooking

          Hi, MC:

          I'm not sure if it's all grass-fed or not, I kinda doubt it. I'll ask when I pick up my Spencer Roll roast for Xmas.

          BM really is a throwback. It brought back to me many fond early memories of riding in the meat delivery truck with my dad, dropping off hanging quarters of beef and boned-out sides from his slaughterhouse to old-style markets like this. If I was good, someone always sat me up on a butcher's block and gave me a frank to gnaw on. Back then, there was sawdust on the floors...


        2. Get the corn finished rib eye, it is our go to meal when we have something to celebrate.