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Dec 14, 2013 04:44 PM

What dishes/foods can you eat on a weekly basis, if not daily basis ?

- Vietnamese pho
- Chickpea dal
- Palak paneer
- Chinese boiled dumplings
- Taiwanese beef noodles
- Fried chicken
- Cabbage rolls
- Chicken mole
- Moussaka
- Chicken pot pie
- Singaporean chicken rice/Hainan chicken rice
- BBQ brisket

I have more, but the list would be too long. If/when I win the lottery, I'd hire a home chef to make these on a daily rotation :-)

What's yours ?

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  1. Eggs - any which way - frittata, omelet, fried, scrambled, boiled
    Chicken or turkey breast - I actually really enjoy both and eat them every day often by choice

    Also here's a thread from the spring on a similar/the same topic http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/903376

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      Tacos! Yes.

      Potatoes in any form.

      Bread+cheese in many incarnations.


    2. Pizza.........but has to be thin crust "Little Italy"New York pie!!!

      1. Anything beef based. A nice piece of beef is OK every so often, but even weekly is over doing it for me.

        1. I would happily live on bread, butter, and cheese.

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            Beans, nuts, cheese, yogurt, fish, peanut butter, cabbage

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              Alternate that cheese with peanut butter and jam every other meal, and I'm good to go.

            2. meatballs/pasta
              penne al vodka
              roast beef/mashed potatoes
              macaroni and cheese
              pulled pork

              They are all so heart-healthy. I should probably be on cholesterol medicine by now.