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What dishes/foods can you eat on a weekly basis, if not daily basis ?

- Vietnamese pho
- Chickpea dal
- Palak paneer
- Chinese boiled dumplings
- Taiwanese beef noodles
- Fried chicken
- Cabbage rolls
- Chicken mole
- Moussaka
- Chicken pot pie
- Singaporean chicken rice/Hainan chicken rice
- BBQ brisket

I have more, but the list would be too long. If/when I win the lottery, I'd hire a home chef to make these on a daily rotation :-)

What's yours ?

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  1. Eggs - any which way - frittata, omelet, fried, scrambled, boiled
    Chicken or turkey breast - I actually really enjoy both and eat them every day often by choice

    Also here's a thread from the spring on a similar/the same topic http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/903376

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      Tacos! Yes.

      Potatoes in any form.

      Bread+cheese in many incarnations.


    2. Pizza.........but has to be thin crust "Little Italy"New York pie!!!

      1. Anything beef based. A nice piece of beef is OK every so often, but even weekly is over doing it for me.

        1. I would happily live on bread, butter, and cheese.

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            Beans, nuts, cheese, yogurt, fish, peanut butter, cabbage

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              Alternate that cheese with peanut butter and jam every other meal, and I'm good to go.

            2. meatballs/pasta
              penne al vodka
              roast beef/mashed potatoes
              macaroni and cheese
              pulled pork

              They are all so heart-healthy. I should probably be on cholesterol medicine by now.

              1. Potstickers from the Rice Box
                Al pastor tacos from Tacos El Tio
                Green curry from Bangkok
                Chicken salad from Lockwood Diner
                Ham salad from Publix
                Chicken Ala king
                My best friends black beans Puerto Rican style.
                Chicago hard rolls and salted butter(even better if i had this dipped in the beans)
                Popeye's red beans and rice and a biscuit
                Old El Paso style tacos
                7-11 slurpee
                Hot and sour soup and orange beef from Shanghai

                Okay, looking at this I feel like a glutton. I'm not, I just wish i could have these on my regular hit parade.

                1. Eggs & toast
                  Cheese and fruit
                  Yogurt (Greek)
                  Any kind of fish
                  Wild rice salad
                  Tossed greens in a lemon dressing
                  Bonzai roll from the local sushi chef
                  Wonton soup
                  Lamb prepared any which way

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                    Lamb ..... Greek roast lamb shoulder :-)

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                      What time should I show up for dinner?

                  2. my favorite mushroom soup
                    risotto with truffle oil
                    24-hour potato kugel
                    home-made chocolate chip cookies fresh from the freezer

                    1. Home made chicken soup
                      French onion soup
                      Grilled pork roll
                      Pan seared scallops
                      Snow crab legs
                      Creamed spinach
                      Dark chocolate covered raspberries
                      Baked egg custard

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                        I could eat French onion soup daily as well. I often make a huge pot and eat it over a few days because no one else here likes it.

                      2. Rice. I could eat rice every single day.

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                          You better, or else you'd have to change you tag name ! ;-)

                        2. Most foods in this category, I consider not healthy to eat much....but if health was not an issue:

                          Crusty french bread with copious amounts of grassy french butter and maldon salt.....maybe Brie wedges....until the loaf is gone.
                          Hot dogs with ketchup, mustard, mayo, and raw onions
                          Potato salad (good potato salad)
                          Potato chips
                          Mac and cheese

                          It appears I deprive myself of many (rather trashy foods). I think that is why I believe I wouldn't tire of them. In reality, the novelty would wear off and I would probably get sick of them.

                          1. Beans, cooked greens, lightly boiled vegetables including green beans, brussels sprouts, okra, cauliflower, broccoli, and others.

                            1. Can or do?

                              I *can* eat lots of things on a daily, weekly or regular bases.

                              I likewise also *do* eat lots of things on a semi-daily, or regular, basis (assuming I'm not traveling).

                              The most immediate things that come to mind that I *do* eat on a (semi) daily basis is broccoli with mustard, cereal and diet coke, sea bass, Werther's hard candies, and eggs.

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                                Ipse - is that 'broccoli with mustard, cereal & diet coke" a single dish? Or even 'cereal with diet coke (vs. milk)?..... ;)

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                                  I bet the broccoli and mustard (bioavailability issue) mitigates the cereal diet coke damage ;)

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                                    No, not a single dish.

                                    I always drink Diet Coke with my cereal, which I eat dry. I don't drink milk or consume dairy products (unless it's ice cream/gelato or yogurt).

                                2. Roast chicken and mashed potatoes
                                  Pasta with tomato sauce(MH tomato/butter sauce)
                                  Green salad

                                  1. Pasta with some kind of tomato-based sauce. Recent favorite includes diced and browned proscuitto; chopped oil-cured black olives, fresh parsley and garlic; lots of pepper. Add tomato sauce made from canned tomatoes that have been cooked with good olive and garlic and then put through a food mill. Toss with spaghetti and serve with romano and pamigiano to be grated at the table.

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                                      I've recently taken to the Italian way of finishing the pasta in a small amount of sauce and eating it that way rather than drenching it in sauces and it is head and shoulders above the way I grew up with. It's sublime, and I could eat it every day.

                                    2. Sichuan food. I do just that once a week at a chile head jour fixe in town, alternating between 2 very good Sichuan restaurants.

                                      Cantonese roast duck.
                                      Pork dumplings.
                                      Grilled cheese.
                                      Salads of any kind.
                                      Chicken piccata.
                                      Pasta -- sadly only theoretically.
                                      Good Greek/Turkish/Middle Eastern food.
                                      Cucumber salad.
                                      Fresh buffalo mozzarella.
                                      Most cheeses.
                                      My man's lamb shish kebab, pizza or yuvetsi.
                                      *Real* Wiener Schnitzel.
                                      Beef noodle soup.

                                      I could go on for a while but I'll stop here.

                                      1. My 'can' list is this:

                                        lamb chops
                                        Grilled marinated leg of lamb
                                        spanikopita (really, most any Middle Eastern/Greek foods)
                                        grilled fish
                                        fried chicken
                                        grilled scallops
                                        dungeness crab (hot, cold, with a dipping sauce; stir fried)
                                        eggplant parm
                                        french onion soup
                                        big salads I didn't have to make
                                        awesome sandwiched someone else made for me.

                                        my 'do' list
                                        greek yogurt
                                        pizza (nearly weekly, even if just a slice)
                                        sauteed spinach
                                        scrambled eggs
                                        tuna salad, cold sandwich or hot tuna melt
                                        gallons of iced tea

                                        1. gelato
                                          ice cream
                                          (se a pattern here?)
                                          Neapolitan pizza (i actually did have a neapolitan pizza jag until i gained 6 lbs in 4 days)

                                          1. My fantasy includes:

                                            -My mom's german chocolate cake
                                            - roasted wild mushrooms and a chunk of fresh bread to soak up their juices
                                            - greek yogurt from the middle eastern market with berries
                                            - hazelnut gelato
                                            - garlic knots with marinara to dip in
                                            - sweet potato gnocchi with sage brown butter
                                            -inniskillin ice wine
                                            -my grandmother's pecan pie

                                            1. Eggs I do eat every day, usually scrambled.
                                              Chicken or turkey, NOT breast
                                              Fish and other sea critters
                                              Pork shoulder butt
                                              Lamb shoulder
                                              Lamb rack
                                              Mashed potatoes
                                              Fried potatoes, cottage, French or hash brown
                                              Cabbage in any form
                                              Pasta in any form
                                              Anything that comes with whipped cream on it …
                                              Braised greens, any kind

                                              I'd also add pho and all sorts of offal, except that being subject to gout means I can have that sort of stuff maybe once a month or so, and in moderation. Damn.

                                              1. Greek omelette with feta and tomatoes
                                                Stuffed grapeleaves
                                                Goulash soup
                                                Avgolemono soup
                                                Enchiladas suizas
                                                Russian sweet and sour cabbage soup
                                                Roasted chicken with roasted rosemary potatoes
                                                Fried egg sandwich with Frank's Red Hot
                                                Clementines/tangelos (pretty much daily from Nov-Feb)
                                                Caldo verde/other kale and sausage dishes
                                                Toasted bagels

                                                I think I'll keep better track next year, to see which dishes I end up eating every week.

                                                1. What I can (and do) eat (almost) every day:
                                                  Fruits: usually berry smoothies or pomegranates
                                                  Nuts: walnuts, almonds or sunflower seeds
                                                  Vegetables: lettuce, peas, green beans, mushrooms or carrots
                                                  Meat: schnitzel (chicken breast) or whole fish (usually bass)
                                                  Pasta: usually penne all'arrabbiata
                                                  Bread: ciabbata, pugliese, focaccia, baguette, NYC style bagels or pita
                                                  Spices: cumin, paprika, cayenne, cinammon, turmeric
                                                  Extras: onions, garlic, ginger (I start out most dishes with these three), garbanzo beans, rice
                                                  Drinks: coffee with almond milk, water, green tea and wine

                                                  1. A banana
                                                    An apple
                                                    An orange

                                                    1. Anything with runny egg, which I just recently developed a love for. I also love salad. Good cheese is a big one for me. Grilled cheese and tomato soup I could do daily for the rest of my life.

                                                      1. Potato Soup....go figure.