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Dec 14, 2013 01:25 PM

Dangerous Man Tap Room

They rock. Best beer selection of the 3 major tap rooms in NE. By far, in my opinion.

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  1. I've been twice and have yet to try their Chocolate Milk Stout. You must have hit them at the right time. Indeed can be really good - all depends on what they have on tap. Their Rum King is outstanding! Take a short drive over to Roseville and visit Pour Decisions. Those guys are doing some great things.

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    1. re: Slightly Grey

      I've tried to like Indeed's beer. I've tasted 5 of their beers. I've only had one beer I've liked from Indeed, their Pepper Pot Imperial...the rest have left me wondering if I just drank a Busch Light.

    2. A group of friends and I did a 6 tap room tour on Saturday, and this was the one we skipped. There was some sort of event going on, and we assumed it was going to be packed.

      We hit Fulton, 612, Indeed, Pour Decisions, and Lift Bridge.

      If you plan on going to Pour Decisions, realize that it's in an industrial park, and it's near the back of the lot. It is the smallest of the bunch we went to, but I think I enjoyed their beer the most.

      1. I'm a regular at the Excelsior Brewing tap room. So close to my house and the brews are outstanding, so I haven't found an urge to step out much.

        It is not a fancy place and there is no food. They just take their warehouse space, shove stock aside and pull out a portable bar and tables after 4 PM on Thursday and Friday and noon Saturday.

        1. On any given day, Indeed has better beers, more of them, and more of them ready IMO.

          I live a block from DM, been many times. It is great on a Tuesday, and worthless most other days for locals as they run out of pre-filled growlers within 45 minutes of opening (so if you work past 4, you're SOL except Saturdays), tell you they are out, and do not offer to fill/replace the empty in your hand. On top of all that, the bartenders are not very efficient, so when there is a party bus or a lot of cars outside, I don't even bother. Hopefully the hype dies down next year.

          Indeed, Town Hall, Barley John's, Fulton...they do not have a daily limit on filling growlers...trouble is, I don't live two blocks from them...

          All that said, the coconut milk stout @ DM was the best beer I had in 2013.

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          1. re: Foureyes137

            I'm not a DM expert, having been only once, but I had no issue with availability, early on a very cold Friday.

            Indeed: Again, I've only had one beer from Indeed that had what I'd consider a reasonable amount of flavor. The rest tasted to me, like the beers we used to drink in the 1970's and early 1980's...when Coors was considered craft beer.

            I've tried the Indeed beer from liquor stores, from the tap room (twice) and from bars a couple of times. And most three of my beer-enthusiast buddies agreed with me, Indeed is a non-starter. Nice tap room, cool thing going with the food trucks, but they need to make some more flavorful beer.

            1. re: JimGrinsfelder

              I suppose it depends on how early, but my wife went last Friday @ 4 (an hour after opening) and they were out of growlers. All growlers. So the place is worthless if we want a beer but don't feel like bringing kids into a busy room.

              Ah, I also have beer enthusiast/home-brewer buddies, they love beers I think taste like shit. Too much alcohol (one Darkness just makes me want to take a nap, not drink another Darkness) and taste like smoke or pepper or pith or...not 4 balanced ingredients. Imperials, double IPAs, Russian Imperials, overhopped bitter whatever...yeah, I am not down with those. I will say many of Indeed's summer styles (Shennanigans & LSD specifically) are too mild for my taste...

              Besides the coconut milk stout @ DM, the best beers I had last year were the Mexican "Imperial" & Pilsner from Indeed. I sorta wish I did not like the place as one of the owners is a dick, but Day Tripper & Midnight Ryder are two of the most balanced beers in their categories anywhere...not just The TC. The shit they do with infusions in the tap room is sorta silly to me, but I do love that they always have cask conditioned versions of their beers and usually one or two on nitro...

              1. re: JimGrinsfelder

                Another one that you may want to try is Hammerheart in Lino Lakes (short run up 35W). My two favorites are the Smoked IPA and the Barrel Aged Dublin's Raid. Need to check their FB page to see what's on tap that may interest you.