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Dec 14, 2013 12:46 PM

Hatfields: Still great, lovely special occasion kind of place.

Just a quick blurb on Hatfields - had a great meal there last night, been about 5 years since our last visit. Service was spot on and they were so kind to write "happy anniversary" on the dessert plate (I had mentioned it on the open table reservation, no where else).

We did the prix fixe menu tasting (ie one of everything on the prix fixe menu) and supplemented with a few of their other items.

Just a few things to note:
- wow they really do a good pork belly here. The pork belly/mushroom/cuttlefish dish was great.
- scallops were top notch, sweet and scallop-y (for lack of better words)
- the duck and fish, while good, were completely overshadowed by the...
- 48 hour short rib. HOLY DEAR MOTHER OF GOD. Probably the best short rib I've ever had, rich and tender and covered with a delicious shallot sauce.
- creme fraiche cheesecake - I thought I would love the beignets/milkshake more, but the cheesecake may have been the best cheesecake I have ever had. Dense yet light and airy at the same time. Seemingly impossible.

my one critique would be that after 8 plates, it almost felt too rich. Lots of butter/pork belly/sweet breads going on.

2 Prix fixe + 2 supplements + 3 drinks = $235 after tax before tip.

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  1. Love that place. And Karen does some of the best desserts in the city. Sometimes we stop by just to have some desserts there.

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      This time of year, stop for dessert & a glass of Port Wine, regardless of where your entrée might have been served.
      Karen is truly a talent in the dessert world, and a very gracious hostess as well.
      A truly delightful couple, showing their love of food of all kinds, and the customers are the beneficiaries.
      My favorite special occasion restaurant.
      And a wine list that is very good as well.

      1. I'm confused. Looked at the online menu. For the prix-fixe, is it one of the two for each course or both? (About the third section down.)

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          You pick one from each course.

        2. Pic

          From L-R

          1)Ciabatta and cheesebread. I'm normally not a fan of cheesebread but this was the best damned cheesebread I've ever had. Served with chive butter (cold)
          2) Some amuse bouche, don't remember what it contained. It was the lightest dish of the night
          Caramelized endive, dried plum reduction, mushroom-hazelnut duxelles
          Pinkerton avocado, oro blanco, Fresno chili, beet salt
          Crispy pork belly and sweetbread, maitake mushrooms
          Roasted maitake mushrooms, crispy pork confit, caramelized parsnip, carrot puree
          7) LOCAL COD “EN CROUTE”
          Caramelized parsnip puree, brown butter soy longbeans
          8) 48 hr short rib (no longer present on online menu, but it had a shallot sauce and served on what felt like potato puree)
          9) duck breast (also no longer present on online menu)
          10) roasted cauliflower (no longer on online menu)
          Hazelnut shortbread, roasted pear, Blackberry Banyuls sorbet
          12) SUGAR & SPICE BEIGNETS
          Venezuelan chocolate fondue, vanilla malted milkshake

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            Thanks for the report. Classy place. Delicious food. Good value. Nice wine list. Solid all around.