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Dec 14, 2013 11:44 AM

Help us eat our way through Seattle!

My husband and I will be visiting Seattle for the first time at the end of March. We are complete foodies and really enjoy all types of cuisines. We'd like to taste the best Seattle has to offer over our long (child-free!) weekend. Ideally, one fine dining meal (as we'll be celebrating my birthday) and we're open from there….. We really have no restrictions and would love help from those who know Seattle food best. Thanks, 'hounds!

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  1. Where are you thinking of staying? How about getting around? Your posting history suggests a lot of experience with NYC, and travels in Europe.

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      We are planning to stay at the Fairmont. We don't have any firm plans. We'll want to do some touristy things since it is our first visit - Pike Place Market, strolling around town exploring, maybe a trip to Bainbridge? Really just want a relaxing weekend studded with lots of yummy local food….

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        The reason I asked is that recommendations focused on walking (and short cab rides) downtown would be quite different from ones that send you into the neighborhoods and suburbs.

        There are lots of threads on this board about good places for visitors. Some have recommendations from locals. Others are reviews by the visitors themselves.

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          Start right downstairs at Belle Epicurean. A mild walk to the Pike Place Market (prepare to take your time and feast your senses) will fetch you dauphinoise at Le Panier near the MoTown gospel singers and beautiful sliders at Zacaggni's outside Delaurenti. Take the 3rd Avenue Tunnel train (or bus) to International District/Chinatown station on 5th Av. 900 Jackson has Uway Malatang for hot pot and hand-shaved noodles. Be a comprehensive tourist and hit a very fine trap indeed at Blake Island. I enjoyed the ride, the silly clams, the salmon, the show. Youngsters clack as giant birds. Skip the underground tour. Just google Denny Hill Regrade and then just look to see where the basements of tons of old buildings got buried. In Pioneer Square are many steep staircases to the now-buried first floors.

      2. On Bainbridge, I recommend Marche or Hitchcock. Blackbird Bakery has good pastries.

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          Restaurant Marche is a wonderful idea - you can walk on the Bainbridge Ferry and then walk to the restaurant for lunch or dinner. The ferry ride is lovely and I especially like lunch there - a salad and the French onion soup with a glass of wine is perfect for mid-day.

        2. Sitka and Spruce, Lark, Le Pichet, Chan are all in downtown area or Capitol Hill (close by) and will not disappoint

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            I second this!!! Sitka and Spruce and Le Pichet are two of my favorite restaurants!

          2. go to Poppy. Always great and creative. If you have money try Mistral Kitchen.

            1. I would recommend Thierry Rautureau's new restaurant, Loulay. It just opened a few weeks ago. I've squeezed into the bar after work a couple of times for happy hour and had great cocktails and the most amazing burger and fries I have ever had in my life. The restaurant itself is great space and the dinner menu looks spectacular - I am planning to go back for a real meal as soon as possible. It is at 6th and Union downtown in the Sheraton hotel.