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Dec 14, 2013 11:41 AM

Delray for the first time

What restaurants in the Delray area should not be missed
Can be local joints up to fine dinning

we like it all

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  1. Tramonte in Delray has very good Southern Italian. 32 East for American. Maxx's Harvest for farm to table. Zinger's deli in Boca has the best pastrami you will ever have. An offshoot of the Pastrami King which was an institution in NY. Fro steak, NY Prime. For seafood try Truluck.

    1. For seafood I would assume you would like local seafood and none of my recommendations are close but none too far either...

      Closest to Delray and one of my favorite places for seafood is a tiny little hole in the wall sushi place right on the water in Lantana. Sushi Bon Express has never disappointed us with plenty of traditional and some non-traditional Japanese dishes...most prepared with local seafood.

      A little farther and in the opposite direction is Seafood World which is a seafood market / restaurant that takes me back to old school Florida much like places our family would go back in the 60's & 70's. Always fresh seafood with plenty of local options. Not many left like this anymore...

      Just a little farther yet and well worth the drive is Calypso in Pompano Beach. Open only Monday through Friday and with a definite Caribbean influence they are very proud of their fresh and local seafood. This is a great option for lunch but it could be busy!