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Dec 14, 2013 09:39 AM

Best bakeries in Portland

While my hubby wiles away time at Powell's Books, I am going to hit some bakeries in Portland. I was a pastry chef in SF Bay Area so this is a "professional " study! My desire is for croissants, cakes, cookies and tarts. I have been to Ken's, Blue Star, Nuvrei and Pearl. I am intrigued by Lauretta Jean, Little T and candy maker Alma. Any other suggestions for this visit?

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  1. Right by Powell is Little T's downtown new shop, a must.
    Nearby Cacao carries locals Alma & Sahagun chocolate.

    Lauretta Jean makes amazing pie, biscuit.
    Other musts: Bakeshop, Ken's Artisan & Sugar Cube. Bakeshop's owner won James Beard Aard for best cookbook.
    Have fun. Please report!

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        Oh yes, That is the pastry place I could not think of that I have been also. I am compiling my list today for our trip to Portland- arrival on Thursday!

      2. re: Leonardo

        Leonardo. I did not get to as many bakeries as I wanted to because of family obligations, but here is a brief report-
        Little T both downtown and Division. Had a good, not great croissant. It was beautifully layered and had a somewhat crunchy crust, but it was not enough buttered flavored for me. We got a baguette that was agin good but not great, but then I come from the bread capital of the US- Berkeley! The chocolate tart was yummy. The chocolate was excellent and bittersweet and the crust was very good. I had been to Bakeshop before as it turned out and I have enjoyed their cookies- sorry cannot be more specific. I did not have time to repeat. Blue Star is wonderful. The brioche dough for donuts is unique and the choices are interesting. We also went to Sugar Cube. What a cute place. I had the toast plate and loved the homemade lemon curd. I also had a twisted chocolate cookie yum! I also could not resist the highway to heaven cupcake to savor later in the day. I think this was my favorite overall place. I also made it to Cacao, but did not purchase anything as the prices are a bit high. Next time I want to go to Alma. I will be coming again as I have family closer to Portland!!!

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          Oh forgot to mention that I did get to Maurice, but there was nothing in their pastry case on the afternoon I was there before Christmas. I just saw a small pound cake on top of the counter that they were serving for lunch??? It was very curious to say the least.

      3. Baker and Spice in Hillsdale, SW Portland.

        You'd need a car or to take the bus to get there, but it's worth it. It's also a nice place to sit and while away an hour or so.