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Infusing sugar with liquid extract... suggestions/help wanted

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For a DIY gift, I am making salted caramel sugar. I bought a little packet of it at The Spice & Tea Exchange in San Fran and want to duplicate it. So I bought turbinado sugar and will add a little pink salt. My problem is figuring out how to get the caramel flavor added. I bought liquid caramel extract (since the only crystalized/powdered form seemed to be for home brewing beer). Two suggestions I've gotten are: spread the sugar/salt on a baking tray, put the caramel extract into a spray bottle and mist the sugar/let dry/mist again, or put the sugar into the stand mixer with the paddle attachment and very slowly drizzle the extract in.

I am afraid of dissolving or pulverizing the sugar, or having it clump up. The interwebs are no help... everything led back to the store where I bought the little packet and there is no recipe or ratio, just info about the product and suggestions for its use. All other infused sugars I found used dry ingredients such as vanilla beans, citrus zest and lavender.

Turning to the Chow community for help.

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  1. perhaps a combination technique? drizzling in and using the mixer, then spreading out on a tray to dry.

    lol, -OR- just make salted caramel. i'd find more uses for that, i think. :)

    1. I'd try both methods with small amounts and see what works better. :)

      1. I'm cringing while I say this but.....addition of non-dairy creamer, and granulated butter substitute, and sea salt? Sugar, butter, cream, and salt = caramel.

          1. I'd mix in a stand mixer or food processor, spreak in a pan to dry, then process again. It should turn out the consistency of superfine sugar - homemade superfine involves briefly. whirring ordinary sugar in the processor.

            1. not quite the same, but i'm most likely gifting caramel powder this year, which simply consists of combining homemade caramel with tapioca maltodextrin until it's powdery and no longer moist. generally a 2:5 ration of tapioca maltodextrin to caramel.

              it can be used in similar ways for toppings, though not really for baking purposes.

              1. I'd head for the spraying -- that's how it's done commercially.