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Dec 14, 2013 09:36 AM

Infusing sugar with liquid extract... suggestions/help wanted

For a DIY gift, I am making salted caramel sugar. I bought a little packet of it at The Spice & Tea Exchange in San Fran and want to duplicate it. So I bought turbinado sugar and will add a little pink salt. My problem is figuring out how to get the caramel flavor added. I bought liquid caramel extract (since the only crystalized/powdered form seemed to be for home brewing beer). Two suggestions I've gotten are: spread the sugar/salt on a baking tray, put the caramel extract into a spray bottle and mist the sugar/let dry/mist again, or put the sugar into the stand mixer with the paddle attachment and very slowly drizzle the extract in.

I am afraid of dissolving or pulverizing the sugar, or having it clump up. The interwebs are no help... everything led back to the store where I bought the little packet and there is no recipe or ratio, just info about the product and suggestions for its use. All other infused sugars I found used dry ingredients such as vanilla beans, citrus zest and lavender.

Turning to the Chow community for help.

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  1. perhaps a combination technique? drizzling in and using the mixer, then spreading out on a tray to dry.

    lol, -OR- just make salted caramel. i'd find more uses for that, i think. :)

    1. I'd try both methods with small amounts and see what works better. :)

      1. I'm cringing while I say this but.....addition of non-dairy creamer, and granulated butter substitute, and sea salt? Sugar, butter, cream, and salt = caramel.

          1. I'd mix in a stand mixer or food processor, spreak in a pan to dry, then process again. It should turn out the consistency of superfine sugar - homemade superfine involves briefly. whirring ordinary sugar in the processor.