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Best Fried Clams/Clam Strips?

Anyone got a recommendation?

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  1. The ones I had at DP's Pub in Garfield were very good, and although the portion isn't large, it's only $2. Get 3 or 4 portions if you're hungry and you still come out way ahead.

      1. Fried whole belly clams and clam strips are 2 totally different foods...

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          Yep, and the OP requested both. Mr. Shrimp sells them both.

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            Yep, I did request both! Been to and LOVE Mr. Shrimp, just wondering if there are any other places I hadn't tried. My parents always talk about Alan's (I believe) in New Gretna, but I haven't gotten there yet.

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              I though Alan's was terrible. I had a seafood platter and every item tasted like frozen. I expected fresh seafood.

        2. Belly clams= Bigelow's in Rockville Center, NY (that's LI to us NJ folks). My bud still talks about them, and we made that trip about 5 years ago. WELL WORTH IT.

          1. in the Princeton area, Tre Piani in the Forrestal Village has our favorite fried clam strips.

            They're $12 for a large appetizer portion and listed as "fried local fresh clam strips - from NJ". Typically lightly fried, super tender and closer than our shore fav's at Mr. Shrimp in Belmar!

            1. Jack's in Long Branch.

              1. Legal Seafood in Paramus and Short Hills both have fried Ipswich (bellies) clams on their menu.

                1. Wharfside in Point Pleasant has great fried Ipswich (soft shell) clams, also great steamers, they also have clam strips on their lunch and early dinner menus.