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Dec 14, 2013 07:58 AM

Filos Greek Taverna, Northampton

I just saw in the Gazette that this new place on Main St. opened on Thursday. Having just done the groceries for the week, I don't know when we'll make it there....but looking forward to some reports! Please be good!!

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  1. Lord knows downtown Main Street doesn't need any more more pizza places. But we could use Greek food. I'm sure my husband will be there soon.

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    1. re: jzzy55

      I know! And thankfully it's not another sushi restaurant or cafe! Maybe they did their research and realized that Greek food is nowhere to be found around here. Next up: Ethiopian!!

      1. re: saintp

        thanks for alerting me, I had no idea about this place. what is it near on Main St?

        1. re: faith

          It's next to Dunkin' Donuts, across from the Academy of Music. Sid Vintage used to be there.

          1. re: saintp

            did you message me on yelp and block me replying? with this same info?

            1. re: faith

              Nope. I've never commented on Yelp!

        2. re: saintp

          Love Ethiopian, it doesn't love me...Palm oil?

      2. Had dinner there Friday. All the food is on display, and you choose what you want and order at the counter. Food is then delivered to your table. Very Greek. The hostess explained the dishes in detail. Many choices. Among them, stuffed peppers, calimari (octupus to the Greeks) salad, pastitsio, moussaka, gyros, lemon potatoes, dolmades, etc., with souvlaki entrees. Service was fast. The place is small, brightly lit, and could become quite crowded. It seems to have become popular quickly. Prices are not low, but portions are generous. At last! Greek food in Noho.

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        1. re: cabbagehead

          I am so excited to hear this. Will check it out after Christmas craziness subsides.

          1. re: magiesmom

            cabbagehead, you didn't say if you liked the food.

            1. re: faith

              I thought that was implicit in my comments.

            2. re: magiesmom

              Speaking of Christmas craziness, I tried to eat there today, at about 12:30, and the place was packed. There were one or two seats empty, but about 8 people ahead of me in line. With less than an hour on the meter (garage full!), I had to opt out. Too bad! But good for them!

              1. re: saintp

                I don't stop in town at all until after New Years.
                I did drive through last night about 8 and it was not at all full. But nowhere to park.

          2. Okay, went back into town today (and found parking!) and made it to Filos Greek Taverna. I got the kebab sandwich (pita, with onion, tomato, fries, tzatziki and kebab) and my husband got the gyros pita. They were both huge and very good. The kebab was more intensely flavored than the gyros, the pita was fresh and tasty (I haven't eaten a lot of Greek food, so don't have any good comparisons). Service was very friendly. Our girls decided on pizza slices, which they loved, but my husband said were mediocre.
            Also, a friend went and got the patsitsio ("lasagna" with meat and bechamel) and said it was really good, very light.
            We'll go back. It was BYOB and they had little cards at the register that if you go around the corner to State St. Liquors and show the card, you will get 10% off a bottle of wine.

            1. We went for lunch today; it was mobbed!
              Good: lamb burger, pork souvlaki
              Meh: eggplant salad
              Bad: Greek salad. Low quality bottled dressing, cardboard tomatoes, wilted greens

              What looked really good but too heavy for us today were the pastichio and the moussaka, as well as the pizza.

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              1. re: magiesmom

                My husband tried the pizza that our girls had...he said it was blah. Basically similar to all of the pizza offerings in Florence...which we think are sub-par. A friend had the pastichio and said it was very good, and lighter than it looks!