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Dec 14, 2013 05:30 AM

Which buffet - Caesars, Wicked Spoon or Bellagio?

Hey guys, looking for some opinions on which buffet to go to in vegas. I know buffets probably aren't everyone's top food destination, but I typically enjoy them if they're decent.

In saying that, i'm not sure which one to go to. I've been to bellagio buffet before and thought it was pretty good. Been to the paris buffet and didn't like it so much.

I heard wicked spoon and the buffet at caesars are also decent, but this depends on the individual.

Any updated thoughts on the above?


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  1. IMO, the Wynn has the best buffet.

    1. I went to Caesar's last month and didn't like it. It's just not worth the money unless you can eat your weight in beef and crab legs. I went on a weekend lunch which they call brunch so there were some breakfast stuff but mostly lunch/dinner foods. I'm not a huge eater so knew I wouldn't get my monies worth but wanted to try it. Did not care for most of what I ate. None of the Asian foods had labels so you didn't know what they were. It was not as fancy as others described. Same big bowls of food under a heat lamp. Very few plated items. Best thing I had was a dessert crepe that they made then you filled yourself.

      I also was dining alone and when I got up to get some gelato at the end of my meal I went back to the table and they had cleared it assuming I had left. The bums rush for a $45 meal. Will never go back. Although I will go back to Caesar's casino...won over $500 at the roulette table so :-p to them!

      1. Probably nothing on the Strip changes as much as's a very inexpensive way for the hotels to make changes and compete with each other for, you will always get a changing opinion on "best."...
        The 3 hotels that compete with each other (and are 3 different companies...that's important to understand) are Bellagio, Caesar's, and Wynn. My advice would be to go to whichever one is tied into your agenda for that night...eating without a time limit and needing to have your table "turned" is part of the experience of a buffet.

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          Thanks for the opinions. So that's a no to wicked spoon?

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            I'm a fourteen year local. I think the Wicked Spoon is the best buffet in town with the Bellagio a close second. The Wynn, while better than most buffets, has gone down in quality over the last few years. The Wicked Spoon's food is excellent and creative. A lot of the food is served in individual portions. They have a lot of food that you don't see on other buffets. If you do a search on this board you'll see people who don't like buffets who enjoy Wicked Spoon.

              1. re: Eric

                That's a bummer about the Wynn decline on the buffet.
                Its been about 2-3 years and it was fantastic and we were there last week and walked by and the patrons were raving about me fake yummy sounds.

                Four Seasons Veranadh has off the menu, which is quite good and they have a buffet.

          2. I was in Vegas about 3 months ago and we tried to make the same decision. We use to be big fans of the Wynn but agree their quality has gone down a lot over the last few years. Back in the day they had the best Prime Rib and King Crab legs, now no longer. We walked Wicked Spoon and Bacchanal before deciding on Bacchanal. My gut visual reaction was that Bacch quality was higher than Wick. However, I do remember that Wick cheese board was the best I had seen recently they had Humbolt Fog and St. Andree Triple Cream Brie. We ended up at Bacch because their seafood looked fresher and their meat selection was out of control. If you are a meat eater bach has an incredible meat selection, everything from smoked bacon, brisket to prime rib and lamb chops. I personally am a huge lamb chop guy and I bacch's lamb chops were some of the best I've ever had, perfect medium rare upon request and flavored with a slightly sweet/savory marinade. The lines are crazy, but I enjoyed bacchanal and recommend it for gluttonous indulgence (Forgot to mention their dessert bar was pretty ridiculous including mochi ice cream (mango was the best)).

            Oh yea, and I can eat my weight in beef and crab legs so it was worth it... LOL :)

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              Seems like the buffets really are a matter or personal opinion. I'm still kinda leaning towards wicked spoon because it's different but interested in trying the Bach

            2. Always call to confirm they have plenty of King Crab legs...not the pedestrian snow crab..