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Dec 14, 2013 02:36 AM

Best Chilaquiles in the SF Valley?

Lately I have been on the hunt for a good Chilaquiles. So far my top Chilaquiles is at Tacos Corona in Lake Balboa. So good but so spicy.
You guys have any good Chilaquiles spots?

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  1. A couple of places that I've had them and thought that they were chow worthy are La Fogata in Sherman Oaks and one of the branches of Tres Hermanos (but I don't remember which branch now).

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    1. re: Servorg

      Funny because I live a few blocks from tres hermanos. I feel like the chilaquiles at tres hermanos are bland. I've been to La Fogata but never tried the chilaquiles. I'll be sure to try it out next time. Thanks!

    2. Izzy's in Reseda at least used to have great chilaquiles. Haven't been in a while. When I was in Newhall to go to the DMV I found a place that specializes in chilaquiles, and has several varieties. Don't know if you want to drive that far. It's called El Pueblo:

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        Thanks Mark! I have heard of izzys but never tried it. I will have to try it out. Maybe if im in the Newhall area i will try out El Pueblo. Thanks!

      2. Almost forgot, Nat's Early Bite in Sherman Oaks does them really well. They have another branch called Nat's West in Canoga Park, but I've never been there.

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          Nice one! Haven't been to Nats in awhile. I tried the chilaquiles at Blu Jam cafe and also at Hugos. Not so good.