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Dec 13, 2013 09:14 PM

student budget local gift ideas?

I just moved to Montreal in September for my grad school,
and am about to go back to Vancouver for Christmas break.
While I am looking forward to enjoy good Asian food, especially Korean food (I am Korean-Canadian) and local apples in Vancouver,
I want to bring back something from Montreal for my family.

I know that there's a recent thread on gift ideas,
but I am on student budget and want to know what would be good, affordable food gifts unique to Montreal, or hard to get in Vancouver?

I have been discovering much wider and more available selection of cheese, bread/ pastry (for much cheaper price), yogurt, preserves, etc here, but don't know about practicality (flight?)

I mean I guess I could always buy fairmount bagel with carry-on (my family brought back a dozen when they came here to help me move),
but anything more fun, creative, would be much appreciated!

Thank you so much in advance

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  1. Smoked Meat...the best Lox in the city at Victoria Fish Market..obviously bages like you said...then there is always the French Canadian side of food which can probably be frozen prior to flying depending on what it is....

    1. What is your budget ?

      Have a look at the other post about the "50$ gift"),

      you could buy a couple of jars of preserve, some nougat, ... form La Dinette Nationale or some honey or spices from La Société Orignal

      Or some duck product from "Rusé Comme un Canard"

      or go to Hamel and get some Québec cheese ($)

      or local beer at Marché Des Saveurs.

      1. ooh Max what about a can of Foie Gras from the infamous APDC..(au pied de couchon for our friend) that is a symbolism

        1. Do look at the other thread, as many of us had ideas well below $50, or locations where there are inexpensive as well as more opulent ideas.

          1. Howsabout packs of curd cheese (will survive the flight in checked baggage with flying colors) and St. Hubert packs of poutine gravy mix. You can assemble do-it-yourself poutine kits (just add fries) complete with instructions, pictures, history, etc.

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            1. re: porker

              I've done that (from Montreal to Paris) and it worked !

              1. re: Maximilien

                Really?! You didn't get (use Inspector Clouseau accent)
                "Terrible! Disgusting! Dis iss simply post-colonial trash fewd."