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Wax candy wrappers?

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I'm looking for those wax candy wrappers - I'm making caramels for holiday gifts. I couldn't find some at Michael's, and I'm worried that I'm too late for an online source... Any suggestions? Metrowest is best.


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  1. I've been recommending on other CH threads that precut cupcake papers you find in every grocery work really well. Just place your caramel in the middle of a flattened cupcake paper and twist both sides. Don't use the foil variety. And, bonus-no need to precut!

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    1. re: HillJ

      I hear you, but my caramels are way too small for that - and so the cupcake wrappers would be a little pricey, right? I need 100 wrappers, which should be about $4. I learned not to use the foil kind the hard way, last year :( VERY painful!

      1. re: sallyt

        Cupcake wrappers come in mini sizes. Would that work for you?

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          Do you have a Joann Fabrics near you?

        2. re: HillJ

          They (caramels) really won't stick to cupcake papers? I really like the precut idea for the caramels currently cooling on my dining room table!

          1. re: quirkydeb

            I tried the cupcake wrappers, since I already had them. The caramels stuck. :(

            1. re: quirkydeb

              Then you'd be the first. The cupcake papers never stick to the caramels I've made and I love the shortcut. No cutting, place, roll and twist-done.

              Were your caramels extra sticky, still warm or under cooked? A work around for extra sticky caramels is to lightly oil the paper first but honesty that's a last resort.

              Sorry to hear it didn't work for you.

              1. re: HillJ

                New discovery: they stuck to Stop & Shop brand cheap liners. They did NOT stick to the heavier fancy cupcake liners from TJ Maxx. :)

                1. re: quirkydeb

                  For the batches of cider caramels I made recently, I used the large brown paper cupcake liners they sell in most grocery stores without issue. But I haven't really run into an issue with the cupcake papers of any brand. Sometimes if the caramels are too soft or too sticky there can be a problem.

                  But if you found success with a brand from TJ Maxx, that's great!

        3. You want something cuter than wax paper, right? Because I use wax paper.

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          1. re: enhF94

            Not really - I'm just lazy and want it precut :)

            1. re: sallyt

              Love it. Especially because a roll of wax paper has been sitting, ready to go, on my countertop for three weeks while the candy sloooowly begins to lose shape.

              1. re: enhF94

                Right? I bought some online for that very reason! Why I can't find it locally is beyond me.