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Dec 13, 2013 07:02 PM

Belated Hanukkah celebration

My family always celebrates Hanukkah on my Grandmother's and Uncle's birthday, which just happens to be Christmas.....anyways....I'm tasked with bringing a green vegetable and small chocolate dessert (truffles maybe?) to go with our usual brisket and latkes.

There will be ten people, one allergic to garlic. I will be out of town the 21st to the afternoon of the 24th and will be traveling about an hour to my Aunt's for dinner. I would normally bring brussel sprouts but I always cook them with bacon which is a big no no for my grandmother (sorry grandma!).

I have full run of the kitchen with multiple ovens and ranges, a long with refrigerator space once I get there. My chowers helped my land my current boyfriend with your advice so help me give my family the awesome meal they deserve please!

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  1. There are many delicious ways to cook Brussels sprouts without bacon; one is to roast them with pecans or pistachios. Or you could shred them and cook in butter, unless grandma is kosher.

    You could also roast green beans, nice with brisket.

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      Grandma will put sourcream on her latkes and then eat brisket so just no pork or shellfish. should I roast the beans the day before?

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        You can. They are delicious room temp or you can warm them briefly in the oven.

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            These look amazing and easy, thank you!

    2. My mom makes an asparagus dish which is best served cold or room temp. Steamed very briefly then sautéed in a garlic-olive oil mixture, then tossed with lemon and fresh tarragon. It's to die for.

      I make the dish the same way but roast in the oven.

      Made the night before is even better, as they soak up the flavor. The ride to your aunt's house would leave them at the perfect temp upon arrival.

      ETA: I realize it's not asparagus season, sorry. I live in LA and we still have gorgeous produce in December. You could do something similar with green beans though.

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        Actually LA is where I'm going to be the days prior, maybe I can smuggle some asparagus home with me :)

      2. Brussel spouts are one of my favorites!
        This is the recipe for the momofuku sprouts that are amazing:

        If the previous is too out of the box for the fam this version is also excellent:
        And right now i keep making and loving these simple roasted carrots:

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          We also shove carrots under the brisket, but I think I will make your simple roasted ones all for myself tonight!