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Dec 13, 2013 06:16 PM

Lunch between Woburn and Everett tomorrow (12/14)!

Taking my son on a little date tomorrow. He chose SkyZone in Everett. Where can we have lunch first? He's 5 but LOVES food. His favorite is sushi.

I'd like someplace a little on the fun side or just a bit different from your every day. Any ideas?

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  1. The waitstaff at Yoki in Station Landing (medford) have always been very kind (and patient!) with my high-energy little boys. I also see lots of families at All Seasons Table (Malden).

    I gotta admit, I think you are brave to have lunch first and trampolines after...I'd be giving the kid a snack and save the meal for apes-jumping, myself :)

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      We ended up being able to get to the trampoline place early so we had lunch after :)

    2. Few more thoughts...if you are coming via 93, you can hop off at Medford Square where there's lots of options. Chun Ki Wa has a sushi menu though I haven't tried it, I always get Korean food. Tenoch (Mexican) and Chili Garden (Chinese) are good too. Or you could order sushi at Ebisuya and people watch the Saturday morning grocery shopping crowd.

      Check out the menu at Tornado in Malden. Not really sushi but some fun stuff and they were very accommodating to my frien and their 18-month-old.

      La QChara in Melrose.

      Broadway Cafe in Everett, for the"X" sandwiches - a burger topped with peas, corn, ham, an egg, chicken breast, and a few other options I think. Your son can ogle the cakes in the display case (the passion fruit one was always my favorite). If you go there make sure you leave plenty of time to get to Sky Zone, traffic backs up 99/broadway from the traffic circle all the way up to Broadway Cafe, sometimes.

      1. Ended up at 3 Country Bistro in Woburn. This place was really good. They serve Japanese, Korean, and Thai. Miso soup was terrific. Also had tuna maki, salmon maki, sweet potato maki, and bulgogi. Bulgogi was a bit saltier than I would have liked, but I'll go back. Really good food.

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          Thanks for letting us know. And I hadnt heard of 3 country Bistro, will have to check it out.