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Dec 13, 2013 05:43 PM

How do you like your eggs-cheese or no cheese?

I was solidly in the "always with cheese" camp (except fried, boiled, poached) until I recently was sick and had a strong aversion to cheese. Now I think I really enjoy them also without cheese. Omelets and frittas seem to always get some cheese, scrambled eggs I now take without. How do you like your eggs? Does it depend on the preparation method?

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  1. Generally without. Principal exceptions are Cotija in a breakfast taco and usually some sort on a frittata.

    1. NO cheese please. I like cheese to an extent but I never really liked the flavor of cheese and eggs together.

      1. The idea of cheese in my scrambled eggs made me want to stab people when I was a kid. I remember one time my grandparents were in town and she made breakfast. I took a bite of my eggs and tasted cheese, then immediately pitched a fit. I was excused.

        Then in my late teens, I went through a phase where I wouldn't eat them WITHOUT cheese.

        Egg sandwiches and omelets require cheese. Scrambled eggs can go with or without. Fried, boiled, and poached never get cheese.

        1. Def. depends on the prep. But I will eat a slice or two of cheese on the side to accompany the eggs sometimes too.

          If cheese is added and the cheese makes the eggs greasy I won't enjoy them.

          1. Cheese PLEASE. First, let me say, I don't eat a lot of eggs, maybe a couple a month. Growing up, the only way I could eat eggs would be scrambled with cheese and my mom hardly ever cooked them this way so the only time I really enjoyed eggs would be when I went to visit my grandma in NC. She always made scrambled eggs with sharp country cheddar.

            I much more prefer to have the whites of the egg. Don't really care for omelettes or frittatas but like boiled, scrambled and fried. Cheese can go on all.