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Dec 13, 2013 05:04 PM

Broadway/Cambie Canada Line Station - Noodles

We would like to try a hand-pulled noodle restaurant near the Broadway/Canada Line Station. We've eaten at Peaceful before, but that was some time ago and there's some suggestion of deterioration in quality in recent months. We've never tried Shao Lin, but see mixed reviews. Does anyone have any suggestions or a recent "take" on these two restaurants if that's it for the area?

Thank you.

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  1. There's quite a few blogger reviews of Peaceful (Broadway location) on Urbanspoon:

    And on Shaolin:

    Peaceful also has new locations on E. 5th @ Quebec, and on W.4th @ Balsam.

    1. Urbanspoon lists Old Ginger on that same block, in the location of the former Tang Dynasty Noodle House. I have never been there, but a reviewer mentions that they have a noodle maker robot there??? Obviously not hand pulled noodles, but it sounds interesting. Anybody else know anything about this place?

      1. Thanks very much to both of you for responding. Chowhound is always so helpful, even to those of us who are not true food aficionados.

        Urbanspoon was one of the sites that I had looked at before posting. However, the reviews for both restaurants seemed somewhat mixed and I wondered whether anyone had any further comments, perhaps from personal experience.

        The last time we ate at Peaceful, the beef rolls that everyone talks about were delicious. However, we did not enjoy the rest of the meal that much, perhaps because we were unfamiliar with the menu and not sure what was best to order. I have bookmarked a blogger review on Shao Lin that lists various items ordered from the menu and discusses them and I think we'll give some of those mentioned a try and see how that works out.

        Thanks again for your advice.

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          Shaolin isn't good anymore, and the decor is soulsuckingly awful, plus it's cold inside. Peaceful is good if you order carefully. I'm in TO with a terrible connection or I'd post a list but try the cilantro salad, the noodles with cucumber and the lamb noodle soup. There's also an excellent wonton soup with seaweed.

          1. re: grayelf

            I love the Mu Shu Noodles at Peaceful.

            1. re: islandgirl

              Yes, excellent call, those are on my list at home :)

              1. re: grayelf

                As things turned out, we went to Shaolin on Saturday night before you posted. I see what you mean about the d├ęcor - rather dark and cavernous. On the whole we were satisfied, although it probably takes less to satisfy us than others who are more knowledgeable about the food. However, the steamed vegetable dumplings did stand out for us.

                We'll try Peaceful again next time we are in the area. It is so helpful to have an idea now of what we should try there - other than the beef rolls, which we liked so much before.

                Thanks again.