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Dec 13, 2013 04:15 PM

Broadway Masala, new indian, RWC

There's a new indian place in redwood city.

This location has seen a lot of turnover. It was a BBQ place for a while (I never ate there) and then a neuveau-cal place (which I also didn't make it to). The location is next to board semi-favorite New Kapadocia (turkish).

If you're in a yen for Indian in downtown, this place is worth a try. I won't say - like a yelp review - this is the best indian I've had, but the effort of "new fusion indian" is executed well at a reasonable price. They have items like pulled lamb tacos, as well as the everpopular butter chicken.

I'd call this place a cheaper Amber Dhara. The tastes are less bold, and the prices are less.

Atmosphere is bright, help is helpful, there are many beers on tap (left over from the BBQ guys).

As they're the only plausible indian in RWC, I hope that can overcome the location curse.

( Also, New Kapadocia is HURTING. Very few people, given the new layout of RWC. If you've loved the place in the past, please be reminded that they exist. )

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  1. What is the new layout of RWC?

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      New Kapadocia predates the courthouse square, the revitalization of the Fox, and the movie theater --- there used to be more flow at their corner.

    2. Went here last week for a birthday lunch with girlfriends. Nice to see the place bustling at lunchtime. The mostly under $10 lunch specials included rice, salad & naan. Our group ordered roganjosh, murg curry, veg. biriyani & paneer kathi rolls. Everything was very good, though the somewhat thick but tasty paratha seemed to overwhelm the paneer/onion filling. Service was friendly and efficient; however, we weren't offered any dessert...just presented with bill. We were way too full that we probably wouldn't have ordered any anyway.

      Friend had originally planned on Amber Dhara, so glad I redirected the party here. Great addition to downtown RWC.