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Dec 13, 2013 04:04 PM

Looking for a showstopper recipe for Holiday Party.

I have a Holiday Party to attend this weekend and I am in need of ideas for a dish. Expectations are high- I am known to be a pretty good cook. My head is cloudy and I just can't think of anything great. Ideas?

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  1. What kind of dish are you planning/assigned to take (appetizer, main, dessert)?

    1. Completely flexible. The main will be a blue cheese crusted beef (or lamb, I can't quite remember.)

      1. The Bombe a trois chocolate from "Julia Child and more company" never fails to impress. It takes some doing but always gets talked about for years.

        1. Last year I saw a croquet bouchée decorated with sugar to suggest a Christmas tree.

          1. What ever you make should complement what is being served by the host, that is the gracious thing to do. So maybe you should find out if they are serving beef or lamb and what they think might compliment the main dish and go from there.

            It might be an amazing appetizer or a side dish or a dessert. Sometimes a great potato side dish can complete a meal in a way that it is a "show stopper".

            Or you could just blow off your host and show up with something made with lobster, foie gras or truffles... [eyeroll]
            What are you trying to accomplish?