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Dec 13, 2013 03:49 PM

Good Cocktails, Atmosphere, Casual dancing

Looking for a place for NYE that has great cocktails (we are sorta cocktail snobs) but also the potential for some casual (see:drunk) dancing? We don't want a club or a lounge playing electronic music all night. Originally we were thinking of doing LIttle Branch NYE or something similar, but the other people are worried it will be too boring for an extended period of time.

4 people (2 couples in their 20's), nothing over $150 for a ticket, anywhere in manhattan (preferably south of 40th st) or Williamsburg area.

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  1. Very difficult combination to find.

    Little Branch is so small, where would you even dance, assuming they let you (due to the cabaret laws)? So many of the craft cocktail lounges are tiny.

    Try the Tippler, they posted this to their Facebook Page:

    Count it down and Dance it out!
    Tippler New Years Eve 2014!

    DJ Turmix @djturmix, Boogaloo, Soul and Raw Funk
    Doors at 8pm, DJ at 10pm, OPEN till 8am

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    1. re: kathryn

      Tippler is a pretty good suggestion, don't know about the likelihood of getting a table though.

      @avail I know the cocktail scene pretty well, but I don't know about the likelihood of having a table + people dancing around kind of atmosphere. That's more what I need help with.

      Thanks for the suggestions! Keep em coming if possible.

      1. re: mdemps9190

        Just thinking of places with a space that could fit a small dance floor. Have you actually checked with any of these places?

      2. Check EO or Bathtub Gin maybe, Clover Club in Carroll Gardens perhaps if you don't mind going that far.

        other random plausabilitie based on size:
        bar in the Royalton
        Pulque in Chinatown
        Experimental Cocktail Club
        Pouring Ribbons
        Back Room
        Mother's Ruin
        Randolph on Broome

        1. Look at Toro. They're having a ticketed event with passed tapas and drinks. No mention of cocktails, though. I imagine you could order them and pay as you go.

          1. NY has very strict Cabaret laws which prohibit dancing without a license.

            It's literally illegal, and the establishment could get fined or shut down for allowing you to dance at some of the place being suggested. The larger clubs will fail on the cocktail side of things, or they're just plain terrible (like Hudson Hotel).

            Try Brooklyn for more in between options.
            The Bell House must have some event going on.
            Huckleberry Bar is pretty small, but it has a small dance floor area, and a nice cocktail list.