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Seeking Milwaukee Restaurant for 40 People


My wife and I live in SF, but we're both from the midwest originally. We plan to host a big dinner (about 35-40 people) in Milwaukee next summer to celebrate our SF wedding. We're not doing a full reception, just a nice, celebratory meal.

We'd love to find somewhere with good food (including some vegetarian options), good beer/wine, great ambiance (indoor, outdoor, or both), and room for our whole party. Nothing too flashy -- think simple, delicious food made with quality ingredients. Our price range is roughly $35-45 per person, including drinks. We'll have a few children in the party. Family-style dining is fine, but no buffets.

I'm completely unfamiliar with the Milwaukee food scene, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'd like to try to help, but I definitely have questions for you.

    Are you just thinking a drink or two per person? Is your budget excluding tip? Are you looking for actual entree-type dining or would heavy apps, gourmet pizza, or other more casual fare be an option?

    Also, are you looking for Milwaukee downtown proper or anywhere in the area?

    You'll get to the low end of your budget $35 really quickly with drinks at most places that cater to private dining events. You may need to think outside the box a bit.

    Are you looking for a private room for this event?

    1. I know you're looking for dinner, but just in case a Sunday Brunch could be an option, Lake Park Bistro is a good choice to host a classy multi-course meal for much less than having a dinner there.

      1. The Hinterland on erie st . has a back pub area that you can reserve for private parties. They are a gastro pub and brew great beers . They also have a good wine list. www.hinterlandbeer.com/Restaurant_Mil...

        1. Blue's Egg is a place that would fill your menu requirements I'm not sure about the price point though. They are only open for breakfast and lunch [arguably the best breakfast in town], but open at other times for private events.


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            I just moved away from Milwaukee and Blue's Egg and Maxie's (their dinner restaurant) are among the things I miss most. They have really great staff too!

          2. Sorry, I am late to the game but did you settle on a place or do you still want recommendations?

            1. Not sure if the OP is still looking for spots, but I just had a really great experience planning/hosting a dinner at The Rumpus Room and figured I'd add that. We were looking for a place for 20 and we had plenty of room, but I am not sure what the official capacity is of their private space.

              We were really happy with the quality of the food for the price. Some of the drink options could add up quickly, but I'm sure you could limit the selections to more reasonably priced options.

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                I am guessing the OP is not checking back. They only have one post on Chowhound and never replied to any questions to help them find a location.

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                  Kind of figured, but thought I might as well post my experience in case it was helpful to others!

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                    Good thinking and certainly helpful. I only mentioned something because I notice this frequently on the Chowhound regional boards.

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                      OP here. Sorry to be MIA. We decided to go a different direction. But thanks, all, for your recs. Hope this thread proves useful to others!!