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Dec 13, 2013 03:05 PM

Crab legs menu

My uncle will be joining us for Christmas Eve and has requested crab legs; no steak. It isn't something I ever make. What do you suggest as side dishes? I don't have app's or dessert planned. Will plan that around the rest of the meal.

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  1. Think along the lines of a Lobster Clambake.....Shrimp, clams, sausage, chicken, potatoes, corn.

    I'd be happy with a roasted corn relish or Asian/Cole Slaw.

    1. I like to start with a simple pureed veg soup- like a butternut, or celeriac or carrot.
      Crab can be very rich, so i would stay away from too much dairy in the rest of the meal. Homemade dinner rolls or bread, a roasted or braised veggie dish (roasted sunchokes, parsnips, carrots,onion) and a salad with seasonal greens, pumpkin seeds, an acidic vinegrette.

      1. I agree with the slaw, it goes with seafood. You could do one with Chinese cabbage, shredded carrot, and apples with a Vidalia onion or other vinaigrette. Corn also goes with seafood; frozen corn on the cob is acceptable...add a bit of sugar to the water when cooking it.

        I think you need a potato...a simple potato hash with onions & garlic is perfect. IMO, soup, unless it's a chowder (with or without seafood) just doesn't go with the meal. I'd do another fish or seafood for an appetizer like maybe smoked salmon on toasted crostini with a dill/lemon sour cream.

        Seafood is light if you're not using a ton of butter or cream so you could go heavier with the dessert. Consider an apple dumpling drizzled with warm caramel or pumpkin bread pudding...

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          I was hoping I could do a bread pudding! I'm also liking the chowder idea as the starter. I was trying to avoid potatoes for their whiteness...the plates I was planning to use are white also...but, I may rethink plating with king crab anyway. Thanks for your thoughts!

          1. re: mhcpita

            You could always use sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes in a chowder.

            1. re: Cherylptw

              Or the potatoes could be brown: Hash browns, home fries, roasted...

        2. I would think steak dinner with the crab substituted for the steak. Tossed salad, baked potato, garlic toast, and a vegetable. It's a little boring, but satisfying.

          1. One of my favorite meals. Nice to do it with melted butter and a mustard sauce. (maybe mustard dill or mustard horseradish) I agree that some kind of slaw would be nice.
            And champagne is a very nice beverage to pair.

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              I've not had crab with a sauce previously. The mustard horseradish is intriguing - we all love horseradish and gobbled up bottles of cranberry horseradish for Thanksgiving! I might have to be more careful with my sides though if I do the mustard horseradish, as opposed to the mustard dill? I'm thinking the mustard horseradish could be a bit overpowering and fight more with veggies (I really don't want to do a potato).