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Dec 13, 2013 01:05 PM

Fresh-made shumai?

Here's one of my pet peeves. Whenever I've ordered shumai at a Japanese restaurant in this area, what comes out of the kitchen is heated, industry-grade, frozen shumai like the AjiNoMoto packs that one can buy at a store. It's true that I can get Chinese-style siumai, fresh-made, at dim sum places in town, but they are qualitatively different. The Japanese (or more specifically Yokohama) take on this originally Chinese dish is more delicate--smaller size, thinner wrapper, less chunky filling. I haven't tried shumai at many Japanese restaurants, because I got discourage after a few tries. So if anyone knows of a place that serves superior hand-made examples, please post.

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  1. I really like the take on it at VIllage Sushi and their sister joint JP Seafood. They make it themselves and it's a wasabi pork shumai...I could eat thousands of the little buggers.

    1. dont they call them gyoza at the japanese places usually?

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        They call them Wasabi Shumai at the places I mentioned, aren't gyoza more like a thin peking ravioli type of thing? Or potsticker? If that's what the OP meant then these aren't that. The shumai at Village Seafood are little round cylindars (wider at the bottom) shaped dumplings, folded at the top in a patern with a little bit of filling exposed at the center of the patern, seared and served with a soy ginger dipping sauce. Super tasty.

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          As devilham said, gyoza is like what Chinese restaurants call Peking ravioli or potsticker. Shumai is open faced and cylindrical. In both cases, the Japanese version has a thinner skin.

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            Yea i am very familiar with Shumai as i go to dimsum almost every week. I just have not noticed them very often at japanese restaurants

        2. I think Oga's in Natick has great shumai with nice plump shrimp.

          1. Because they make so many more items than other J restnts in town, I would think it likely that Shiki in Coolidge Corner, would make theirs. Same with Cafe Sushi, the sushi place on Mass Ave just south of Harv Sq.