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Dec 13, 2013 01:01 PM

Looking for private dining rooms in San Diego

Hi Folks, I'm looking for private party dining rooms in san diego must accommodate at least 40 diners. Open to any locations from downtown to Del Mar. Obviously, prefer chow worthy food.

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  1. What's your price point?
    What time of year?

    Downtown/Banker's Hill there is Betrand's at Mister A's.
    Bali Hai Shelter Island

    1. Cafe Chloe
      Athen's Market

      Oh! If your group is amenable to a unique dining experience, maybe Fogo De Chao? I believe they a private dining area.

      1. Tom Hamm's, on the west end of Harbor Island, was recently renovated and its private-party dining rooms have stunning views of the Bay and Downtown. I have heard second-hand that the food is much improved from its previous incarnation but I can't vouch for that report.

        1. Hi Folks thanks for the responses so far. Price between $40-80 per person, timing in March. Prefer locations that have great views or are near the water, but open to ideas.

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            Beautiful space right on the water of San Diego bay. I miss it as a stand alone restaurant. Many different options for different sized groups. Not sure how much the pricing falls, but I would look into the Stone Catering option. These people come from a hugely successful craft brewery operation with a well respected, chow worthy food operation.

          2. Betrand's of Mister A's in Bankers Hill sits on top of a high rise office building filled with bloviated lawyers. . ; )

            Bali Hai Shelter Island
            Island Prime
            Crab Catcher in La Jolla
            The Shores or Marine Room in LJ
            Hilton Bayfront in Mission Bay and Gaslamp
            Roy's in the Gaslamp
            George's at the Cove
            Jsix at the Hotel Solamar Gaslamp
            Kitchen 1540 in Del Mar

            Keep us posted what you choose.