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Dec 13, 2013 12:09 PM

One Less Burger Shop.....BuCu in Paramus has closed.

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  1. Too bad, one of the better burgers around. Nice digs too.

    I think part of the problem was poor signage, the guy was stubborn about getting a large, prominent sign saying "burgers" that could easily be identified from the highway.

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    1. re: lemarais

      I thought the name hurt it. When I first saw they sign I thought it was an asian restaurant...

      1. re: Sdenred

        LOL...they have name/brand recognition, familiarity, etc. Some people didn't realize the BUrgers and CUpcakes moniker/reference, but that's was a good burger. Sorry to see them go.

    2. I found the food to be inconsistent, burgers over cooked sometimes and fries mostly undercooked. The prices were also too high for burgers and cupcakes. No surprise here.

      Try the shake shack on Rt 4 in Paramus, now that's how you do burger and fries.

      1. I suppose the recent openings of Shake Shack and Red Robin (Forest Ave in the former Chuck E Cheese I believe) were a factor.

        1. Price too high? They were one of the cheaper burgers in Paramus. Almost half the price of Bobby's.

          It's just for a sole proprietor to compete with the highly capitalized chain burger places. It was an excellent burger, IMO.

          1. this is disappointing. Bucu, while not my favorite of the burger shacks in the area (that would be Steve's Burgers in Garfield) was high up there on my list. Always enjoyed one of their Jersey burgers: smoked bacon, blue cheese, cheddar cheese and grilled onions. Also liked the fact that they werent a chain.

            Perhaps with all the new local competition continually popping up, the Paramus area burger clientele has been spread too thin? (zinburger - boom burger -steak and shake- smashburger - 5 guys -bobby flays - shake shack, etc)