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Dec 13, 2013 11:53 AM

Le Creuset Screwpull Pocket Corkscrew in TO?

Long shot, but has anyone seen this corkscrew at a brick and mortar store in Toronto?

Want to get it for an xmas gift but don't want to pay $60+ on plus risk it not arriving in time. (It's an amazing corkscrew, btw, mine's 10 years old and still going strong -- never fails to uncork a bottle!


Thank you!

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  1. I believe you can find this at the Le Creuset store in Sherway mall. I don't recall seeing it there in my last month visit but I do know it was there last Christmas. You can call them and perhaps they'll tell you if they have stock atm.

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    1. re: Nevy

      Much belated thanks, I called them and they said they had plenty. (Ended up not getting it b/c the giftee already had one, apparently. But now I know where to go in the future!)

    2. It's $30 on Amazon (see your own link).
      EDIT: Just realized you linked to US site not Canadian - it is indeed $60+ on .ca. Order from the U.S.!
      And I've been searching for this as well for several years - have checked multiple outlets in both Canada and US and it's rarely available - and NEVER below $20 (for many years now). I actually thought it had been discontinued - the only time I saw it recently I was flying with carry-on only so didn't want to risk it being confiscated.
      They are extremely rare - but there is a Le Creuset shop in Sherway Gardens (although I doubt it will be cheaper, but may save shipping).

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      1. re: estufarian

        I had one and lost it to the peabrains at CATSA, not because of the screw but because they deemed the foil cutter to be a "knife", they got a ruler out and measured it and determined that it was 1/8" too long.

        1. re: Nevy

          That's the one, actually! Thanks! :)

        2. available from Kitchen Heaven Vancouver, online kitchen store @15.95 plus shipping.