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Dec 13, 2013 11:51 AM

Potomac MD shiva

Can anyone please give me a suggestion for a shiva tray of deli-type food that can be delivered to a home in Potomac? I live in NY and don't know the area.
I appreciate any help and thanks in advance.

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  1. I have no idea whether they deliver, but you might contact Brooklyn Deli. they are in Potomac and are quite good.

    You might also contact Ize's Deli and Bagelry. They do deliver.

    1. If it doesn't need to be kosher, there are numerous options. There is Attman's Deli (NYish) in Potomac. They may even know what a shiva plate is:

      A bit more distant but probably best in terms of quality is Wegman's, about 20 minutes away: (240) 499-0700

      There is also a Balducci's not too far away and I know from experience that they do a nice platter: (301) 564-3100

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        Thanks to you both. I contacted Woodside and placed the orders with them. Hope it works out. Thanks again for your responses. Very much appreciated.