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Dec 13, 2013 11:38 AM

Soft-serve at Super Duper was pretty 'meh' [San Francisco]

I really enjoyed the savory food at Super Duper when I ate there. See:

But last night I went for some ice cream, and it wasn't as good as I hoped. I got a chocolate-vanilla swirl. Chocolate wasn't quite sweet enough for my taste, but I liked the flavor of the vanilla. But the overall texture was much icier than I was hoping for. Is it always that icy?

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  1. My one Super Duper vanilla cone dipped in chocolate was not good enough to make me want to try another. I'd rather go to Dairy Queen. (or Carvel!)

    1. Well, certainly their hamburgers more than make up for it.

      1. The soft serve is a Strauss-based soft serve that's served at a number of other places in the Bay Area like Howie's in Palo Alto.

        I guess everybody's different as I found the flavor far too sweet for my palate (sweeter than I remembered at Howie's despite being the same product), but the texture was creamy both instances. Since it's a standard mix, maybe a bad batch?

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          Incidentally, I tried the chocolate tonight. It's less sweet than the vanilla (but still plenty sweet), but the chocolate flavor is too subtle, much like Strauss' pre-packed ice cream. I'd describe the texture as similar to what old-fashioned "froyo" places like Yumi Yogurt put out, the stuff that could pass off as soft-serve.

          All this talk of soft serve makes me crave some uber creamy Japanese soft serve I've had in Hong Kong.

        2. I thought it was icy and not creamy enough Dave. We had choc dipped vanilla.