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Dec 13, 2013 11:36 AM


I love having someone else prepare my breakfast, weekdays, weekends, all the time. Unfortunately, I have been freezing up when it comes time to decide where to go. I live on Queen Anne and I'm not afraid to travel for food. What are your favorite breakfast stops?

I do Portage Bay, all locations; Toulouse Petite, Tillikum, 5 Spot. I like to go to the Bay Cafe for Pan Fried Oysters (or Halibut) and eggs occasionally and occasionally Oddfellows or Lost Lake.

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    It would be a drive for you but the Breakfast Club in Lake City is fantastic. Just a locals diner but so good.

      1. My neighborhood spot is good: Cheeky Cafe Another Cap Hill spot that you might overlook as a breakfast option is Manhattan:, weekend brunch only, but loved the champagne buttermilk waffle.

        1. You've named some good ones... I'd add Geraldine's Counter, especially their french toast.

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            second geraldine's counter

            serious biscuit (oh cr*p i forget the new name)

          2. I'dd add Lola, and if you really don't mind traveling, Hudson is worth the trip down 99 to Georgetown. (No minors allowed at Hudson if that's important to you.)