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Dec 13, 2013 11:12 AM

Tourtiere for dinner

This American has long had a hankering to try her hand at tourtiere. Now the season is right and I am planning a meal for some friends two Sundays from today.

Here is the recipe that I am considering:

Tourtiere experts, what would you suggest I serve with it? Are there any defects in this recipe? "Not my mother's" doesn't count! :


Merci beaucoup!

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  1. We live between the Northern Maine Woods and the Canadian border, my wife's family is originally from Canada and she has a Tourtiere recipe from her great-grandmother and it is pretty close to the one you are contemplating.

    1. I make a Tourtiere with alittle TVP for texture.

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        I made 2 of these just once and froze the second as recommended. no idea which recipe I used but it was a wonderful meal. still looking to make the rhubarb catchup. have all but forgotten to locate some-darn and I could have found it in my cousins back yard last year when we visited family in Newfolden.

        thanks Maple & Suzi

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            Texturerized vegetable protein or soya bean product. A meat substitute for ground meats.

        1. I'm making tourtiere for my parents' anniversary in a couple of week - here's the thread I started:

          Lots of good ideas for sides/condiments to accompany.

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          1. Tips:

            I like to put the filling in the food processor after it is cooked - this gives the filling a softer texture and injects the seasoning into the meat better.

            I also make sure that I've added enough stock/liquid for a moist, soft filling.

            Bitter greens, cooked or in salads, would be my choice of side. Perhaps with some sort of fruity thing, as well.

            1. My copy of Sunset Favorite Recipes I has gone missing, but it has a wonderful tourtiere recipe. I make it still but not sure if my version is still the same. Line a pie tin with pastry crust, put fine fresh breadcrumbs in the bottom, about a cup. A finely chopped onion and finely grated small carrot, saute. 1/8 t mace, 1/4 t of dry thyme. salt and pepper, and ground pork.(about two pounds) fill pie, cover with top crust, and bake in a medium-hot oven for about 45 min.