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Dec 13, 2013 09:49 AM

Anyone know what happened to The Savory Plate in Arlington Heights?

I had heard great things about this little place over the past year, and also noticed stellar reviews on yelp as well. I finally decided to head over and to my disappointment - it's closed! The place has huge storefront windows so I was able to peek is so cute. After all the hype and its adorable appearance I was sad to see it closed. Anyone know what happened? Is there anywhere comparable nearby that is still open? I'm still hungry... :(

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  1. D'Agostino's has great deli sandwiches and prepared Italian food a block away.

    Jackson's Kitchen on the Lexington border along Mass Ave appears similar but I haven't been.

    Food I had from The Savory Plate was good, especially the soups. Their coffee was not good.

    I don't think I was ever in there with anyone else at the same time. They had pretty limited open hours for a place trying to make it on takeaway items priced for high quality and convenience.

    Can't find a website for it, and the last Facebook post on their page was in March. Maybe they have turned their entire attention to catering now?

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      Jackson's Kitchen is quite good and one of my go-to's for takeout dinner. Open till 7 but they mean it -- if you rush in at 6:55 they will cheerfully cook your meal. Steak tips and lamb tips dinners both very tasty, with rice, salad and veggies. I like them enough so that I have not tried other things. They also have a nice selection of refrigerated meals like beef bourguignon and lasagna and so on.

    2. Parking and sight lines to store fronts in Arlington Heights are not good and traffic is often heavy. The word around town is that everyone that tried it liked the food but that prices were too high to buy it very often.

      I'm still in mourning that Johnny Levin's place is gone. His jambalya and curries were fabulous. The people that were in that spot before Levins (It's now La Posada) were doing good quality French food but people thought is was too pricey.

      1. Their frozen pies were good, and we liked their sandwiches.. but something was just missing. And their prepared foods just never excited if we needed a quick dinnertime option.

        And then I went there one night to get food for the family and they were closed, I believe for a catering job. That sort of lost them to me. I want a restaurant to be predictable, at least about its operating hours.

        1. I was sad to see them close. The few times I was there I had excellent sandwiches, one being banh mi, and I thought it was a good value. Not sure if it was family run but the ladies up front we're very nice while the guys in the back def conveyed an attitude without engaging customers. A smile is not something people remember often but a mean mug is.
          Think I saw a "For Lease" sign in the window last time I drove buy.

          Jackson's is pretty generic.

          D'ags is ok for prepared foods but they have no grill so the meat for hot sandwiches is nuked (except for the meatballs which sit in red gravy for......?). During the summer and after school hours you often see high school kids working the deli counter and which is a turn off for me.

          1. I was sad to see a local business go but had very poor service there every time I went. On one visit, the woman behind the counter was downright rude (I asked, nicely, "What comes on your banh mi sandwich?" and she replied, "I don't know; you tell me." O-kay then...) At any rate, agree with other poster who said the to-go items just quite never seemed to excite and price was steepish.