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Dec 13, 2013 09:16 AM

Globe and Mail top 10 new restos

All in all a pretty good list. Not much to complain about. Charles and other Markham specialists, is Dayali worth the trip? I feel like it has been reviewed here before.

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  1. Found the Dayali reviews...seems pretty mixed. Can be solid or can be terrible.

    1. Dayali is ok , but nothing special compared to other places that make peking duck

      1. "TAKHT-E TAVOOS It is run by Alireza Fakhrashrafi and Danielle Schrage, who also own Pomegranate and Sheherzade farther east on College Street."

        Tahkt-e Tavoor sounds incredible - how do the other two compare?

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          I should add: the threads I've found are very old, so any recent experiences?

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            I haven't been to either recently but had good experiences at both. It is one of my Persian friends go to spot in the city (and she lived further north closer to the Persian community on Yonge north of the 401). I really want to get to Takh-e Tavoos, maybe soon!

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              It sounds amazing, something I'm sure my parents would love when they're here for the holidays. Only brunch and lunch though, if I'm reading other reviews correctly?

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            I have been to Pomegranate for dinner over the last few years, and recently fell in love with TeT for their brunch.
            Delicious food, gracious service - can't wait for them to get licensed and serving dinner.

          3. Dayali presents a 'different' approach to the Peking Duck that Toronto is used to. Its more 'Beijing Authentic'! As such, the skin portion of the dish is excellent whilst their second course lacked the 'wok-hay' attractiveness usually associated with the 'Lettuce wrap' approach adopted by the Cantonese clone.

            1. With most established Cantonese restaurants in town becoming complacent and going down hill these days, In the past year, the one bright 'new' star that is holding things up IMHO, is ' Fung Lam Court' ( Kennedy/Denison). Some really great Canto and pseudo-fusion dishes, especially the 'Dungeness Crab in Creamy Rum sauce', the 'Wok Grilled Aromatic Garlic Lamb chops' and the ' Herbed Premium Top soy braised Squab'.
              If I am CNS and FOOD taste is the main selection criteria over novelty or gimmicky approaches. Then, I would pick FLC over the 'one dish' Dayali any day ( though I must admit the style of food is different. ) Nowadays, I find almost every decent restaurants can churn out more than half decent Peking style Duck! The uniqueness and novelty factor has long gone!!
              Apart from the duck and just the crispy skin for that matter!! Other dishes offered by Dayali are pretty middle of the road.

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              1. re: Charles Yu

                Different strokes for different folks, I really dislike Fung Lam Court for how overpowering they flavour everything and way too much MSG.

                1. re: orick

                  Well! You are right! To each his own.
                  May be you would like to know that you are the first person I know who dislike the place!