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Dec 13, 2013 07:59 AM

Quick Saturday Lunch destination in Brooklyn?

Hey friends-

Boston hound headed to NYC for the day tomorrow (Saturday 12/14). We need to be in Bushwick around 1pm, so were hoping to go somewhere for a quick lunch (probably around 11) beforehand.

Feeling pizza-ish, we've been looking at Juliana's and Roberta's (haven't done either, though we've done Blanca, Roberta's is more of interest because they open early),

so if anyone has thoughts on:

a. how quickly either of these places fill up on a Saturday, or
b. any thoughts between the two

that would be most appreciated. For pizza background, in ny we've done motorino, don antonio by starita, and di fara. di fara was probably the fave, but mainly because we've had great neapolitan pies elsewhere, so it was a treat to have (what we think of) as an idealized form of an ny style pie. that said, we still loved motorino, and especially the montanara at don antonio.

finally, non pizza lunch recs also appreciated! the time constraint is really our bigger issue, so mostly just looking for a destination-worthy spot that, with 3 or 4 of us eating, can still get us out to bushwick by 1pm.

Many, many thanks.

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  1. Roberta's is legendary