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Dec 13, 2013 07:52 AM

Primary Food & Drink Greenwich?

Just wondering if anyone has tried it yet? I have reservations next week and I'm looking forward to it.

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  1. I'm going this Saturday, so probably after your visit, but I will report back. Looking forward to it and hoping we finally have a good dining option in Gwich!

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      Just checked this restaurant's Yelp page and reviews are pretty much unianimously terrible. I don't usually put much stock in Yelp reviews, but when there's smoke, there's fire and my experience was in line with these bad reviews. Curious if any Hounds have been recently. Also curious how aware and how much Chef Elliot cares about the less than stellar online talk about his place.

    2. @Stevel, curious what you thought of your meal there. We went last night and unfortunately, were pretty disappointed. Given the pedigree of Graham Elliot and the (typical for Greenwich) very high price point, nothing we ate was outstanding.

      The meal started off on the wrong foot with two hostess stand snafus. They told us to wait in the bar/lounge and then proceeded to forget about us. We were only seated when my husband went back up to the stand to check on our table. Then, they tried to seat us in an empty side room rather than the bustling main room, which still had open two tops. After an awkward conversation with the hostess we were magically moved to the main room. My husband and I cannot stand when restaurants try to seat their bad tables before the good ones.

      For our meal, to start, we split the reconstructed Cesar salad (I enjoyed but my husband did not as his piece was mostly dry lettuce in need of more dressing), a fluke sashimi with
      Asian flavors (tasty) and duck angnolotti (served in a very disappointing watery sauce). As his main, my husband had the beef stroganoff, which had nice flavors, but the cut of meat was rather tough for a braised short rib. I had the lobster schnitzel. An interesting concept, but the lobster and panko crust were dry and not served with enough sauce. To finish, we had a banana creme bruelee that was quite delicious.

      Our server was well intentioned and attentive, but like most restaurants in the suburbs, service was not quite as polished as you'd see in a similarly priced place in the city (ie the warm angnolotti was brought out at the same time as the cold salad and fluke rather than as a middle course).

      The place is still very new, so perhaps it will improve in time, but for now, the curse of Greenwich restaurants continues.

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      1. re: mla19

        Thanks for the thorough review, mla19. How much of it would you attribute to the growing pains of a newly opened restaurant, as opposed to a flawed menu or concept?

        1. re: SteveSCT

          Hard to tell. The FOH problems may have been partly due to growing pains, and I would think the food should improve in time. But I've been to too many overpriced Greenwich spots with only mediocre food and service to be particularly optimistic. Very curious to hear other diners' reviews.

      2. Well, if anyone hasn't tried it yet, you're out of luck. It closed after a mere six months.