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Dec 13, 2013 05:31 AM

Family Vacation with Adventurous Kid Eaters

We are spending 10 days over the holidays with our 6 and 7 year old kids. They love food and are quite adventurous. Thy have traveled quite a bit to Europe and Asia and will try anything at least once (they love oysters, foie gras, mussels, sushi, etc.)

We will be based in UES but willing to go anywhere in Manhattan. Can you recommend some family friendly spaces with interesting/innovative food.


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  1. Here is a trip report from someone with kids that were 6 and 8 that will help:

    Your kids sound great and I love that they are adventurous. They will be welcome in most restaurants.

    The holidays can get quite busy so I would advise you to make your reservations ASAP. Luckily if you have ten days here, you can have some flexibility in booking.

    1. Given what you've said about your children's rather intrepid culinary palate, and the fact that they appear rather well-traveled and socially aware, I do not believe there are any restaurants that would be a bad choice for you and your family -- ceteris paribus, of course.

      1. This thread includes some kid friendly ethnic recs: