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Dec 12, 2013 11:55 PM

Amsterdam trip

Hi, ca anyone help me?
I am going with my son and daughter to Amsterdam on Monday.
My son will be having treatment in VU hospital and plaster casts on both legs!
We have to stay in Amsterdam for 3.5 weeks, were staying in the Ronald McDonald house near VU hospital, but will have a wheel chair, love food and want to do some cultural things and eat well and not expensively.
My son is 12, and my daughter is 17.
Ive seen many great posts but not exactly sure where we are in relation to all these posts or how great the public transport service is from there.
My kids have very mature tastes ( Im a chef )
Thank you

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  1. I don't know if you can read this, but Amsterdam has excellent public transport and you needn't fear that getting around will be a problem. The VU is located south of the city. You can use a tram to come into the city centre in minutes. For transport information, look here:

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      The modern trams in Amsterdam are very accessible - low floor, also accessible to visual and hearing-disabled people, with announcements both spoken and on-screen.

      You are southwest of the city centre. Vondelpark is pretty much due north. The restaurants on the south side of the park tend to be pricy, but on the north side, off Overtoom, there are several reasonably-priced options.