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Oct 18, 2005 10:09 AM

Best Banh-mi in Houston?

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So...with the plethora of Vietnamese restaurants/shops in Houston to choose from, which one has the best banh-mi? It's hard to sift through the good/bad...

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  1. The best IMO is at Miss Saigon but it runs $5-6. Its a nice little place in the Village.
    After that, the original Givrals is damn good at $2.

    1. I like the place near the intersection of Pease and St. Emmanuel, but I can't remember the name of it. They have delicious Vietnamese beef stew, also.


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        The name is Thiem Hung Sandwich, 2108 Pease at Saint Emanuel. The food is very good, the place is simple, the staff (owners?) extremely nice.

        Their baked goods don't list any preservatives, unliked the packaged Vietnamese baked goods at most other places downtown.

        As for the banh mi, it's fine. I usually get the roast pork wonton noodle soup, I think that's a number 10.

        The place is inexpensive. They never charge me for hot tea and when the bill is $5.40 they round it down to $5 when I pay.

        So what's not to like.

      2. I can't seem to pick up on the subtleties between banh mi at the various places. Perhaps that means that most of them are very good.

        By the Original Givrals, I think Scar means the place that's in a Vietnamese shopping center that has a lot of empty stores. I agree that's good. But I also like the Givral's on Milam. That gets a busy crowd of non-Asians, which makes me nervous that they're making the food less authentic, but I've found it's fine and less depressing than the one in the old shopping center. However the Milam Givral's makes only so-so cafe sua da (iced coffee w/ sweetened condensed milk).

        1. I have tried them all in Midtown, and think they are pretty good.

          It's all about the bread.

          Stale bread is the deal breaker.

          1. In addition to the Midtown places, here's one for you on the west side of town. It's near my office, so I stop by on occasion for a cheap, quick meal.

            It's called Them Hung, in the Asian grocery store shopping center at Harwin and Gessner. The place is near the end of the shopping center next to Gessner. It's a tiny, one-woman shop, but I love the sandwiches. Her large sandwich is $2.50. I usually get a large "special combination" and a chicken (shredded chicken). It leaves me well satisfied for $5.00.