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Peanut butter

I'm a peanut butter addict!
My favorite brand of peanut butter has got to be Adam's. One of the many things I love eating it with are dried fruits! Especially with dates! Of course I love it in African peanut soup and thai peanut sauce!

What is your favorite PB brand and recipe/snack?

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  1. I just googled African peanut soup & it looks really good. Do you have a favorite recipe?

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    1. re: almond tree

      I tried a few different recipes but this one is by far my favorite!

      I omitted the eggplant since I didn't have any on hand the first time I made it and it tasted great without it. Now that I make it, I haven't bothered to try it with eggplant.
      I also tried it with chunky peanut butter and it gives it a great texture!

      1. re: molomo

        Thank you. I have most of the ingredients, except eggplant, so I guess I will be making your version :).
        I am in the middle of a crazy snowstorm in Jerusalem, where the temperature has plummeted from 75 degrees F to freezing in a matter of days. Don't imagine most stores will be open today, so I'm making do with supplies I have on hand.
        BTW, My mother made peanut butter stuffed dates when I was a kid, and I made them for my kids years later!

        1. re: almond tree

          Oh my goodness. Hope all goes well there!
          They're amazing, aren't they? (: Made them for a few years and I never get tired of them!

          1. re: molomo

            Well, it's finally stopped snowing.
            I made the peanut butter soup yesterday. Then the power failed. So I ate the soup wrapped in blankets, by the light of my emergency battery powered lamp.
            As you might imagine, it tasted fantastic -- very warming & tasty! I like the texture as well as the flavor that the pb adds.

      2. re: almond tree

        I love this version- usually i use two sweet potatoes instead of one regular potato:

      3. I eat Adams natural unsalted chunky. I like PB with apple slices or on celery. Very occasionally I will have a PBJ.

        1. My peanut butter loves are pretty simple:
          Peanut butter and honey sandwiches
          Peanut butter and banana sandwiches
          Peanut butter cookies (with peanut chunks)
          Peanut butter dipping sauce (love making my own peanut dipping sauce when I go for pho)
          Ants on a log (celery filled with peanut butter topped with raisins)

          1. Snack is Triscuits with PB, yum! Brand is Jif.

            1. Peanut butter and jelly (any jelly will do except grape) or peanut butter and raisins... honey is acceptable too, but a bit messy. All on nice bread and made with NATURAL peanut butter, preferably the old-fashioned kind that you stir up and that has no added sugar. Which around here means Smuckers Natural or Publix store brand (nobody else seems to sell old-fashioned PB any more) If you don't want the bread, peanut butter on apple is nice too.

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                Not a fan of grape jelly either... Ever had it with homemade pumpkin butter? So divine!

                1. re: molomo

                  I've had a love/hate relationship with grape jelly. As a kid, grape jelly was cheap and that was pretty much what we could afford, plus you got a free glass. It was gross but, as many years have past, occasionally I have a soft spot for some and really enjoy it.

                  1. re: treb

                    They don't HAVE grape jelly in Australia... but we had a fad of drinking WAY too much red grape juice when I was a kid, and the flavour is almost identical. I get all the grape I need at Communion. I'd rather have no jelly at all than grape...

              2. I'm not a PB fanatic but I have my moments. My favorite brand though admittedly I haven't tried many is simply Whole Foods 365 crunchy peanut butter. My favorite way to eat it is slow and savor - in a small ramekin with a spoon. I also really enjoy it with sliced Granny Smith apples either alone or in a sandwich. As a kid I had a peanut butter sandwich nearly every day for lunch and my treat would be when mom surprised me with thinly sliced apples inside.

                My favorite part of the peanut butter is the hard chunk at the bottom. When the natural PB jar gets low I'll lay it on the side for the oil to drain away and scoop up the thick PB at the bottom and nibble away.

                1. Does anyone remember a Skippy (or Jiffy?) PB years ago that had pieces of chocolate-covered rice krispies in it?

                  It was the best thing ever.

                  Spread on some hot white toast, the chocolate melted as you smoothed it out. And the krispies provided little bits of crunch. Like crunchy PB.

                  Oh my, I went through jars of that stuff for a year straight until it disappeared from shelves.

                  I'm all for the natural stuff normally btw, though I keep jars of Skippy on hand for baking.

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                  1. re: nothingswrong

                    Never heard of that, but that sounds divine!

                  2. I think dates stuffed with peanut butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar was about the first thing I ever learned to "cook". When I was just about 5 or 6 my mother taught me to make that as a special holiday treat.


                    1. Any brand with valencia peanuts.
                      Also like the grind yourself version at the grocery store. I'm a creamy girl.

                      I love carrots dipped in pb. I like to add pb to my oatmeal and use almost empty jars for overnight oats. If i have a drippy pb i'll drizzle it over yogurt.
                      Always in my sesame peanut noodles, a glob in a pot of chili, and as i posted above in the african sweet potato stew.
                      We always added some pb to rice krispie treats when i was a kid, and i would make lunches from a tortilla smeared with pb, honey, and a banana all rolled up.

                      1. 1. Rye bread with kimmel (caraway), topped with blackcurrant jam , then smooth peanut butter from the machine.
                        2. Same but with gooseberry jam
                        3., But may be #1 because fewer obstacles to the goal. An index finger full of peanut butter , again from the machine. Use a spoon if the Ms. is looking.

                        Deaf Smith from the pail is a good substitute and more consistent. But who wants wine from a great Chateau that is consistent?

                        1. This really illustrates how personal tastes are and how polarizing they are (much like the apples thread). My kids and I all loathe Adams (not Adam's; now owned by Smucker's). We think it tastes like greasy, gritty, runny, bland dirt with rocks in it. We had to buy some for trans-fat-phobic friends who were visiting and the unused portion sat uneaten in our house for months; my kids cried when I tried to use it up in their sandwiches. I think I ended up using it up in some baked goods, which actually came out pretty bad as well. Say what you will, those trans-fats actually do serve some purpose texturally and it's probably worth those years they are shaving off your life.

                          But no matter; we like smooth Jif or Skippy. Call us troglodytes; both of those have actually done well when CI has done taste tests in the past. I think you can't call it butter if it has rocks in it.

                          The old standbys of apple slices and celery sticks with the stuff on it work great for us. And continuing to destroy my credibility as a CH, I love grape jelly; it is the only kind of fruit spread other than apple butter that I can stand.

                          I will turn in my membership card now.

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                          1. re: acgold7

                            If Jif and Skippy were all that there is I would give up PB. Desecrations.

                          2. Adams / Laura Scudder's is the only brand I'll buy and just about the only 'natural' PB brands out there. There was a health food brand ( I think the brand was "Hollywood" ) but I haven't seen it in years. PB is peanuts with/without salt. Anything else is PB flavored candy.
                            How do you stir it? I take the cap off and m/w it for about a minute or so before stirring. It's a little easier.

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                            1. re: mucho gordo

                              Stirring it is the most tedious part. I just take a knife and swirl it around! I do that each time I use it

                              1. re: molomo

                                Try putting it in the microwave, without the top, for about a minute before stirring.

                                1. re: molomo

                                  Use 2 different jars, smaller depth helps the stirring.

                              2. I so miss peanut butter. Not raining on your parades, but my daughter is allergic to peanuts, and I just miss it so much. Dipping apple slices in it while stuck in traffic as a drive home snack. Please enjoy some for me. She's totally worth giving this up, but do I MISS it.

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                                1. re: autumm

                                  Sunbutter tastes almost exactly the same...

                                  1. re: Kajikit

                                    I'll have to disagree, Sunbutter to me has a very unique and distinctive taste different than peanut butter.

                                    1. re: Kajikit

                                      Another good substitute is WOW Butter but the only place I've seen it is in Walmart

                                  2. I thought this was a California product until checking their website just now, and see they are local (to me). V. good PB, not to salty, oily and easy to stir/mix:


                                    1. favorite pb brand:
                                      santa cruz DARK ROASTED organic peanut butter crunchy.

                                      1. Just added Costco's Kirkland brand to my fav. list. It's a bigger jar and harder to stir but tastes great.

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