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Dec 12, 2013 07:56 PM

Nosh -- Another Fine Meal

We needed a decent dinner last night and stopped in the see if we could get a seat. No reservation was no problem. We got in at around 7:30 and there were available seats the entire time we were there. We started with Avner's Mother's Salad, a delicious finely chopped tart blend, and a seafood stuffed avocado, a blackboard special. Very tasty. My wife had a nice small filet mignon with a side of brussels sprouts and quinoa. I had the pork porterhouse with truffled mac 'n cheese. Both mains were delicious. I'm a big eater but the pork dish was just too much food. Both sides were also excellent. Service was good. Atmosphere made it feel like the holidays are here.

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