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Dec 12, 2013 05:37 PM

Late Night Food Inventions

Late, the other night I was craving nachos but there were no chips, tortillas, or even crackers in the house. I had cheddar cheese, sour cream, black beans, jalapenos. I ended up boiling some pasta and making really tasty Rigatoni Nachos.
Any esoteric, late night experiments out there??

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  1. Nacho pasta, I like it! Great topic. I've had some odd food combinations but I'll have to ponder to remember them.

    1. I was playing around with a bottle of dry vermouth I had sitting around, and ended up making this really damn good sauce with it, adding some cream, butter, parmesan and fresh herbs. I ended up sauteing some chicken and mushrooms to go along with it and made a whole meal.

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        Interesting! Do you remember the ratios of ingredients??

      2. As alot of these type stories start out... it was late and I was drunk. I had the fixings for Cubans but my then husband wanted a hamburger. We made Cuban burgers. He cooked the burgers and i topped the buns with ham, pickles, Swiss cheese and mustard. I wrapped them in foil and pressed them on the panino grill. They were great drunk and later on even better sober.

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          Thanks suzigirl-- I ate this last night at 11:30. what you don't see is all the hot sauce also added! It was really good! The flavor of ham is quite different than what you get from bacon. The ham made the burger taste like the beef was cooked rare (even though It was quite over cooked)..I would do this again...

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            They are really good. I think I might be needing one with a cold beer, or several very soon.

        2. Left over chicken fried rice mixed with some tomato sauce and packed into a tortilla with some slightly droopy lettuce. As an attempt to clean out the leftovers, it was pretty tasty!

          1. I do a lot of late night improvised cooking. Recent examples:

            - Gobi manchurian tacos. (Indian-Chinese cauliflower dish.)

            - Pita bread pizzas topped with various things. (Salsa, egg and queso fresco; Brussel sprouts, garlic, egg and olive oil).

            - A sort of mac-and-cheese/vegetable gratin to use up leftover odds and ends: bacon, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, pasta, cheddar, parmesan etc., cooked on the stove, then broiled briefly with crumbled croutons and crispy onions for a bit of crust. Topped it with a couple of eggs.

            - Repeat item: finely chopped dried figs and almonds with a pinch of salt, a little maple syrup, and a few dashes of Angostura bitters; good topping for Greek yogurt.

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              Pita bread pizza has helped me out many times! Naan bread also makes great pizza base. I've been thinking of using bitters more with food, I'll give the fig almond idea a shot!

              1. re: helmut fig newton

                Bitters are also good with a splash of bourbon in panna cotta. You could top it with a little lemon zest simple syrup to keep with the Old Fashioned theme.

              2. re: Scrofula

                Pita bread pizzas were a thing growing up (served at sleepovers with do your own toppings) and I practically lived on them in university. Need to introduce my kids to the concept, thanks!