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Dec 12, 2013 05:18 PM

Cupcake and Mason Jar In Eagan

Has anyone been there yet? Anxious to hear how it is!

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  1. My husband and I went just last night! We drove by and noticed it had opened. We were happy but not thrilled... yet.

    Tons of potential and a really good menu (pot pies, salads, sandwiches, pizza and flatbreads). Good beer list.

    More than a few new restaurant issues but we will be back. (Beer pour about 1/3 empty, wrong flatbread delivered, some menu items not available yet.) We live in Eagan and have high hopes... it is hard to convince my husband to drive into Mpls or St. Paul for dinner on weeknights! :)

    1. My husband and I just had dinner at The Mason Jar in Eagan and it was not good. I had the Wild Hen pizza and it was supposed to have bbq sauce and corn on it. Not only did it not have these ingredients but the chicken tasted old and the crust tasted freezer burned. Also, the cheese was really greasy and it didn't even look or taste real. In addition, my husband had the turkey sandwich and again it did not have the ingredients it said it would have on it and the bread was as hard as a rock and turkey looked like Oscar Mayer lunch meat that you get at Cub Foods. Needless to say we hope the cupcakes are a heck of a lot better as we won't be going back otherwise (we didn't try them)! However, they undercharged us for our meal based upon the prices posted on the menu so that was the only good thing!

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        I'll save you the effort--Don't get the cupcakes either, they are dry and bland.

      2. Tried it out for lunch today and I give it a "C". First, the signage listing their menu is hard to read! Very small lettering and lighting hanging in front of the signs makes it hard to see the menus.

        There were four of us in our group and with basic lunch items (3 sandwiches and 1 salad, 4 sodas and a dozen cupcakes) it was $85 - OUCH. We wanted to try the Cupcakes which is their namesake so we just asked for an assortment. Again, OUCH!

        It is self-serve which is somewhat confusing also. We were given silverware when we ordered then we sat at a table. Our sodas were delivered to the table and one of us had ice tea. Asked for sweetener and was told it was over at the water station. While at the water station getting sweetener I decided to get a glass of water and the water jug was empty. I asked at the counter for water and informed the counter person that the water jug was empty and she replied "yes, I know that, we can't find the rest of the water jugs." She did pour me a glass of water from the gun. I would like to suggest that they put in a soda/ice tea/water station so that the counter person is not spending a majority of their time refilling ice tea and soda.

        There was some sort of problem with our order as what we ordered and what was put in the system were not the same. It took an exceptionally long time to get our food. Again, when the food comes up, a wait person then walks around the dining area trying to match the food with a table stanchion that has a name on it (ours was Mad Cow or something similar). Not an efficient way to get the food out.

        The food was average. I ordered a BLT, and compared to others I have had when ordering out, this was definitely lacking. The bread was good, the lettuce (what there was of it) had no crunch, very little tomato and no more than 1.5 pieces of bacon on each half. The potato soup was average, very thin with no discernable chunks of potato to be found. The salad was rated as average as well. Very little dressing so the farther into the salad the less flavor. Again, tomato's were just plain bad.

        On to the cupcakes. We each sampled one and for the most part we loved them. I had to go to the case to see what flavor I was eating as it was very hard to decipher. It was a Very Vanilla and then that made sense. The frosting is amazing - very sturdy. The cupcakes themselves are moist and dense (although they do seem a bit smaller than your average size cupcake).

        This would not be a place I would return to for lunch. Not enough going on to draw me back in. Will perhaps try it in the evening when it switches to The Mason Jar (I find that a little weird in that that seems confusing to the consumer).

        I hope that with a some tweaking they are able to up their game. This is a great addition to the neighborhood; I hope that they get many second chances.

        1. I've been to Cupcake three times and have been disappointed every time. The first time, the cupcakes were SO frozen the frosting was like ice cream and the cake was cold and dry. The second time was slightly better, but I could still do better at home. We just spent over $20 on 4 cupcakes and they were all incredibly dry, tasteless and bland. The triple vanilla cupcake frosting tasted like pure shortening and the cake had NO vanilla flavor at all. The chocolate cake was beyond dry with no chocolate flavor at all. I'm astounded they've been able to open so many franchises with such sub-par product.

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            This is very sad to read. I had high hopes for this opening.

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              I have not been to the Eagan location, but I've had similar experiences with their other locations. In fact, I find it hard to believe they won Cupcake Wars based on what I've experienced. Either that, or I'm spoiled by the wonderful homemade creations I've experienced and am out of touch with just how horrible the commercial cupcake market out there is that they really are the cream of the crop. Their vanilla was flavorless and greasy and their lemon lacked any lemon flavor at all save for a very small dollop lemon curd. I have friends who tried other flavors - off hand I want to say the red velvet and one of the chocolate ones but I don't recall specifics, though I do know they were not impressed either.

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                I'm with you! I visited the original Cupcake when it first opened and was soooo disappointed. I grew up with a mother who made wonderful cupcakes (frosted, not decorated) and this is what I was hoping for. Every "gourmet" cupcake I've purchased (with the exception of the sadly-missed Kettle Corn cupcake from the now-defunct Sweets shop on Marshall in St. Paul) has been either cloyingly sweet or achingly dry. I guess if I want a good cupcake, I'll have to make it myself.

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                  Thank you for your supporting comments! I so wanted to like this place, but after three tries, I'm done. The cupcakes are SO dry, tasteless and below average, I'm just beyond disappointed. If you want to support a truly wonderful cupcake bakery, AVOID Cupcake and give your business to (rather out of the way but worth it) Touch of Love Bakery!

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                    Where is this? I googled but could not find in MN.

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                      It's in the old Pardon My French location on Cliff.


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                        I think they are asking about touch of love bakery from the post they are responding to.

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                          I see TASTE of Love Bakery in WSP - could that be it?

            2. Sorry, typed the wrong name. It is Taste of Love in W. St. Paul.