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Cupcake and Mason Jar In Eagan

Has anyone been there yet? Anxious to hear how it is!

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  1. My husband and I went just last night! We drove by and noticed it had opened. We were happy but not thrilled... yet.

    Tons of potential and a really good menu (pot pies, salads, sandwiches, pizza and flatbreads). Good beer list.

    More than a few new restaurant issues but we will be back. (Beer pour about 1/3 empty, wrong flatbread delivered, some menu items not available yet.) We live in Eagan and have high hopes... it is hard to convince my husband to drive into Mpls or St. Paul for dinner on weeknights! :)

    1. My husband and I just had dinner at The Mason Jar in Eagan and it was not good. I had the Wild Hen pizza and it was supposed to have bbq sauce and corn on it. Not only did it not have these ingredients but the chicken tasted old and the crust tasted freezer burned. Also, the cheese was really greasy and it didn't even look or taste real. In addition, my husband had the turkey sandwich and again it did not have the ingredients it said it would have on it and the bread was as hard as a rock and turkey looked like Oscar Mayer lunch meat that you get at Cub Foods. Needless to say we hope the cupcakes are a heck of a lot better as we won't be going back otherwise (we didn't try them)! However, they undercharged us for our meal based upon the prices posted on the menu so that was the only good thing!

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        I'll save you the effort--Don't get the cupcakes either, they are dry and bland.

      2. Tried it out for lunch today and I give it a "C". First, the signage listing their menu is hard to read! Very small lettering and lighting hanging in front of the signs makes it hard to see the menus.

        There were four of us in our group and with basic lunch items (3 sandwiches and 1 salad, 4 sodas and a dozen cupcakes) it was $85 - OUCH. We wanted to try the Cupcakes which is their namesake so we just asked for an assortment. Again, OUCH!

        It is self-serve which is somewhat confusing also. We were given silverware when we ordered then we sat at a table. Our sodas were delivered to the table and one of us had ice tea. Asked for sweetener and was told it was over at the water station. While at the water station getting sweetener I decided to get a glass of water and the water jug was empty. I asked at the counter for water and informed the counter person that the water jug was empty and she replied "yes, I know that, we can't find the rest of the water jugs." She did pour me a glass of water from the gun. I would like to suggest that they put in a soda/ice tea/water station so that the counter person is not spending a majority of their time refilling ice tea and soda.

        There was some sort of problem with our order as what we ordered and what was put in the system were not the same. It took an exceptionally long time to get our food. Again, when the food comes up, a wait person then walks around the dining area trying to match the food with a table stanchion that has a name on it (ours was Mad Cow or something similar). Not an efficient way to get the food out.

        The food was average. I ordered a BLT, and compared to others I have had when ordering out, this was definitely lacking. The bread was good, the lettuce (what there was of it) had no crunch, very little tomato and no more than 1.5 pieces of bacon on each half. The potato soup was average, very thin with no discernable chunks of potato to be found. The salad was rated as average as well. Very little dressing so the farther into the salad the less flavor. Again, tomato's were just plain bad.

        On to the cupcakes. We each sampled one and for the most part we loved them. I had to go to the case to see what flavor I was eating as it was very hard to decipher. It was a Very Vanilla and then that made sense. The frosting is amazing - very sturdy. The cupcakes themselves are moist and dense (although they do seem a bit smaller than your average size cupcake).

        This would not be a place I would return to for lunch. Not enough going on to draw me back in. Will perhaps try it in the evening when it switches to The Mason Jar (I find that a little weird in that that seems confusing to the consumer).

        I hope that with a some tweaking they are able to up their game. This is a great addition to the neighborhood; I hope that they get many second chances.

        1. I've been to Cupcake three times and have been disappointed every time. The first time, the cupcakes were SO frozen the frosting was like ice cream and the cake was cold and dry. The second time was slightly better, but I could still do better at home. We just spent over $20 on 4 cupcakes and they were all incredibly dry, tasteless and bland. The triple vanilla cupcake frosting tasted like pure shortening and the cake had NO vanilla flavor at all. The chocolate cake was beyond dry with no chocolate flavor at all. I'm astounded they've been able to open so many franchises with such sub-par product.

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            This is very sad to read. I had high hopes for this opening.

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              I have not been to the Eagan location, but I've had similar experiences with their other locations. In fact, I find it hard to believe they won Cupcake Wars based on what I've experienced. Either that, or I'm spoiled by the wonderful homemade creations I've experienced and am out of touch with just how horrible the commercial cupcake market out there is that they really are the cream of the crop. Their vanilla was flavorless and greasy and their lemon lacked any lemon flavor at all save for a very small dollop lemon curd. I have friends who tried other flavors - off hand I want to say the red velvet and one of the chocolate ones but I don't recall specifics, though I do know they were not impressed either.

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                I'm with you! I visited the original Cupcake when it first opened and was soooo disappointed. I grew up with a mother who made wonderful cupcakes (frosted, not decorated) and this is what I was hoping for. Every "gourmet" cupcake I've purchased (with the exception of the sadly-missed Kettle Corn cupcake from the now-defunct Sweets shop on Marshall in St. Paul) has been either cloyingly sweet or achingly dry. I guess if I want a good cupcake, I'll have to make it myself.

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                  Thank you for your supporting comments! I so wanted to like this place, but after three tries, I'm done. The cupcakes are SO dry, tasteless and below average, I'm just beyond disappointed. If you want to support a truly wonderful cupcake bakery, AVOID Cupcake and give your business to (rather out of the way but worth it) Touch of Love Bakery!

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                    Where is this? I googled but could not find in MN.

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                      It's in the old Pardon My French location on Cliff.


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                        I think they are asking about touch of love bakery from the post they are responding to.

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                          I see TASTE of Love Bakery in WSP - could that be it?

            2. Sorry, typed the wrong name. It is Taste of Love in W. St. Paul.

              1. Yesterday we sampled sweets & coffee beverages on the Cupcake side (the service was good but not speedy) – the apple bar was average, but the dark chocolate mint cupcake, latte & cappuccino drinks were excellent. We liked the simple, yet tasteful atmosphere of the shared-space duo (the giant whisk door decor, hanging Mason Jar lighting & fireplace are nice touches). I have to say that the separate entrances (one is locked and not in use part of the day) and unsettled hours of operation are slightly confusing, however. More importantly, we found both the menu prices & offerings a little too trendy & upscale-wanna-be (read: unrealistic) for a restaurant thought to claim ‘down-home’ fare one would expect inside a café with the label of ‘The Mason Jar.’ (So we did not sample the evening menu at this time…)

                1. I also really wanted to like this place. Couldn't wait for it to open and the menu was unique. We were so incredibly disappointed. I had the prosciutto flatbread that had square chunks of something fried that was more like pancetta than thin slices of tender sweet proscuitto, and no sauce. The crust was not bread like, but dry and hard I don't even know what. No sauce and the apples were mush and plain arugula. So incredibly dry, I didn't think anything could be more dry or less tasteful...until I tried the cupcakes! I wanted to cry they were so awful. I have honestly never had a more dry and bland cupcake in my entire life. The frosting tasted like wax. We tried FOUR cupcakes..all unbelievably bad. How did this guy win cupcake wars?? Makes me want to give it a shot....seriously, that's how bad they were. The menu in Eagan is also no where near what is showing on the website, so that also was a bit confusing and surprising. The dual entry-dual restaurant thing is odd and confusing too. The mushroom pot pie mentioned something about 'loaded' mushrooms...not sure what that was supposed to mean because it was just a gray mass of sliced mushrooms and lentils..and a very small serving at that. The chili mac and cheese (along with everything else) sounded good but was a dismal disappointment. Runny cheese sauce that tasted powdery somehow. People were nice, but all in all it just seemed off. I always give a place two chances and I'll go back probably one more time, but this was so disappointing (and over $100 including tip for hardly any food...) that I'm not sure it would be worth it. I sure won't touch the cupcakes again. We also ordered the cheese plate and goat cheese appetizers. Again, tiny tiny amounts, two appetizers that were very definitely meant for one person--not to be shared. About half a teaspoon of the fig jam and maybe 5 or 6 stuck together nuts...the goat cheese was such a small amount I was honestly shocked. The State Fair dessert had decent potential...but three of the tiniest 'fritters' I have ever seen. I'm not a 'huge portion' person by any means...that's not what I look for in a restaurant, I just want good food, maybe something creative once in a while--but this was so really not good. If Pardon My French couldn't make it here, I can't imagine Cupcake will. Pardon My French at least was quite good. My hopes for a good new restaurant in Eagan have deflated once again....

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                    Stayed tuned.....several new restaurants coming to Eagan due to open in the Spring.

                  2. My husband and I loved it. We both ordered pot pies for dinner. I had the lentil pot pie and it was heavenly. Then we ordered a chocolate cake for dessert that was delicious. We are eager to go back and bring others.

                    1. I went here a few days ago and only for a dessert, not for dinner. Bear with me.

                      I would give this place a 2/5 but thats only for the Cupcake Bakery part. I haven't tried the Mason Jar.

                      The staff at cupcake was very RUDE. I literally walked in with my friend and we were looking at cupcakes and it looked like a slow morning. The cashier was RUDE to my friend and I for no reason. She looked mad to be at work, mad that I asked a question about a cupcake and even more mad that my friend was literally just standing there. She was really snobby and had a tone in her voice. I was shocked. She asked my friend if she was getting anything, in the most rude voice imaginable. My friend hadn't heard her so I repeated the question to her and the cashier looked applaued that I repeated the question to my friend and said "I already asked her that....seriously" WHAT? Why so rude to customers? I gave her my credit card and she literally looked at me like a criminal and asked for my ID and threw my card back at me....why?

                      As for the cupcake, I will never pay money again for "cupcakes". They taste dry and bland like corn bread and the frosting is only there for decoration.

                      I'd like to go to the Mason Jar for lunch and hopefully this time I won't feel unwelcome by the staff.

                      1. I remember spending many afternoons working and studying in Pardon My French, which used to occupy that space and when it left I was devastated. It was just the perfect spot and I missed it immensely. I still can't find baguettes like they made anywhere else nearly as toothsome.

                        So, when I heard that CupCake was moving into that space, I really wanted to love it. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am not on board with the whole cupcake world that has seemingly taken over, but I figured that with that large space, they would easily expand to do a lot more, and the area certainly needed a place like that again, so I was ready to love it.

                        My mother and I stopped by just before Christmas (which was before they were officially open) and were so disappointed that there isn't space here to list every reason, but here are a few:

                        1. No one in that area, or many others, is willing to repeatedly buy a tiny cupcake for $4. Once, just for kicks maybe, but not more than that. Especially when they have little flavor and are dry and mealy and the frosting is cloyingly sweet with no discernible flavor other than sugar. And one thing on the cupcakes - How does one call it an "I Love Lucy" cupcake if it's not red? How is that one, named after someone famous for having red hair, the vanilla with vanilla frosting? That just doesn't make sense.

                        2. As others have mentioned, the staff is *incredibly* rude. To a fault. I even spoke with both the general manager and the bar manager, just to give them honest feedback and some suggestions (like bringing in bars and cookies and not just cupcakes, since I grew up in the area and know well what would really sell - did I mention that I am a baker in the area?) and they both treated me as though I was a leper. And the serving staff at the counter seemed more interested in sneering at everyone in line than in helping anyone.

                        3. The atmosphere is decidedly lacking. And on top of that, the general manager said that there was going to be a huge section carved out, not for expanding their range of treats sold, which would actually make sense, but to sell to kchotckes that go along with the owner's win in CupCake Wars on FN. Has anyone told him that no one cares about that? I mean, you can only ride that three-year-old win for so long, before you have to learn to produce something consistently tasty to back that win up. And the cupcakes that we tasted certainly didn't do that. Honestly, just crack open a box of Betty Crocker, toss in an egg and be done with it. You will happier with the end result.

                        So, we decided to give it another chance this last weekend, and stopped by on a weekend afternoon - which is when it should be packed with people having coffee, cupcakes and relaxing. What did we find? Well, we were the only car there, and driving up, we saw int eh window that all of the chairs were on the tables and there was a woman sweeping the floors. I got out the car and peered in the window to see one very annoyed looking clerk behind the counter - a counter that looked like it has seen better days and was perhaps 1/4 filled with stale-looking, sad little cupcakes. That was it. It looked closed. Maybe it has, I don't know, but it certainly didn't look inviting.

                        So, that's two times with huge disappointment. That's enough for me. I mourn Pardon My French and I hope that they come back. They deserved to be in that spot, not this sad substitute.

                        1. don't waste the time
                          very poor quality ingredients- you can find better stuff at cub foods
                          no training in kitchen based on how the food is handled
                          slow service, bad attitudes
                          dessert/cupcakes- don't waste the calories
                          don't be afraid to leave the burbs for the real- chef owned restaurants in Minneapolis and St Paul

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                            Welcome to the MSP board. I take issue only with your last two points.

                            It's none of my business how other people allot their calories ... and vice versa.

                            There is nothing wrong with wanting decent dining options close to home, wherever one lives. People on this board are anything but "afraid to leave the burbs".

                            1. re: KTFoley

                              "dessert/cupcakes- don't waste the calories"

                              "It's none of my business how other people allot their calories ... and vice versa. "

                              Perhaps foodeeeee meant "don't waste your calories on dessert/cupcakes at Cupcake and Mason", rather than "don't waste calories eating dessert".

                              At least, that's how I interpreted it.

                              1. re: foreverhungry

                                thanks for clarifying what I truly intended to say..
                                love really great desserts and ice cream (Izzy's and Pumphouse Creamery in particular) and great fruit pies and and ...you get the picture! xx

                          2. I went back again last night with a friend. The server was extremely pleasant. The hostess was really friendly. We really enjoyed the food. I agree that the cupcakes were dry - not my thing, but I'm really impressed by the food. I'm sorry others have had bad experiences. I'm excited to have an independently owned restaurant close to home again.

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                              glad you had a better experience
                              it's tough starting a new resto- I was so very disappointed as I prefer independent restaurants
                              hope they are on to a track for improvement in food and service

                            2. Was excited to go there as we have been to the Mall of America location before and have enjoyed the cupcakes.

                              First of all, the cupcake displays are set very high so you basically feel like whoever is behind the glass can't hear you. Most of the cupcakes only had a few of each kind, it wasn't a full display. We got there at 11am and it felt like it was closing time since it was very picked over looking.
                              The woman who was taking our order was extremely rude. I wanted to purchase 7 cupcakes, 1 for each person we were with and she was completely thrown off guard because the boxes are meant to fit 6 or 12. She actually said we had to order a dozen because she couldn't do 7 in a box. Very irritating, didn't realize an odd number would ruin their day.
                              As for the cupcakes, they were beyond dry. These felt like they were either frozen for too long and they became rock hard from poor handling or they were very, very old. We had a tough time even cutting into it with a fork, we all used steak knives to cut ours in half. Finally we grabbed some ice cream and hoped the melted ice cream would soften them up enough to eat.
                              I would never return. For $4+/- cupcake that lacks any resemblance of quality it is just not worth it.

                              1. Just stopped in for lunch and a cupcake. Great food - and they were very accommodating with special requests. Prices were more than you would pay at a fast food place but seemed reasonable for the quality of food. Cupcakes were great too.

                                1. Girlfriends and I just went for dinner on Wednesday February 26, 2014. Service was great. They were attentive without being annoying. I had a turkey sandwich with a homemade coleslaw. Very delicious. I'm not sure of the condiment on the sandwich but it made the whole sandwich. Everything was fresh.
                                  I did not try a cupcake although I wanted to. All the desserts looked wonderful.
                                  My friends loved their meals - everything from soup to pot pie to salmon. All the bowls and plates were clean when we were done.
                                  The atmosphere was very nice. I do miss Pardon my French but this is a great substitute. I'm glad it's a new option in Eagan.

                                  1. This location was not just once a prime time wine bar and an easy sweet tooth filler, it has become the next thing in fun night out. Starting with a sneaky yet effective approach, CUPCAKE'S. Here, you don't have to share a 4 pack of plain chocolate. You have a wide display of several hand crafted cupcake varieties that stare straight back at you till you pick your very poison. If sweets not your thing, and you need a little more fill, just take one step to your left and you'll find yourself in the hands of the Mason Jar. You won't run into problems with service, flavor, or entertainment, but you might run into the lack of time for everyone in your group to about how much fun they all had... so why not plan another night.. :)

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                                      I am hoping that the issues outlined above have improved.

                                      Anybody been back who previously reported?

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                                        I went to Cupcake & Mason Jar for lunch recently.
                                        My lunch partner had the chicken&bbq sauce pizza and really enjoyed it. Nothing really jumped out at me on the lunch menu so I had a tuna melt which was good, but a little overpriced ( I felt many of the items were a little overpriced ). The side of french fries tasted great though. Service was very attentive and friendly when I was there.

                                        They had nice selection of beers on tap at reasonable prices. Unfortunately, I had to go back to work after lunch so I could not enjoy one of the adult beverages.

                                        I didn't try any cupcakes. I'm much more of a donut fan. I don't get the whole cupcake thing.

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                                          That "chicken&bbq sauce pizza" sounds like the same one I had there back in December 2013 and it wasn't good ( I was one of the first people to post on this message board). However, my husband and I went to Mason Jar only a few weeks after it first opened so perhaps they've improved their recipes since then. Maybe I will give it another try (I haven't been back since)!

                                    2. We finally stopped by a couple of weeks ago and picked up two cupcakes and a caramel bar.


                                      The cupcakes were dry. There was no chocolate taste and no vanilla taste and no butter taste. The caramel bar tasted like they took some cheap caramels, unwrapped them and stuck too many of them into an already too heavy and sweet bar.

                                      Such a disappointment.

                                      Cupcake, PLEASE fix things!