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Places to eat in Bryan/College Station

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Here are some places I like to eat in BCS.

Cafe Capri- This is an Italian place in downtown Bryan. They removed my favorite menu item a while back, but I forgave them. :)

Los Nortenos- Also located in downtown Bryan, this is my favorite place to go for breakfast.

Spice Bowl- Currently this is our only Indian restaurant. I love this place and would eat there almost every day if I were not so poor. They recently doubled their seating capacity.

Thai Taste- The food is good, but if you are sensitive be warned that the amount of heat changes depending on who's cooking. It's much easier to park here than at Nipa Hot.

Jose's- This is my other favorite Mexican restaurant. The enchiladas are all good (or at least I haven't had a bad one), meat eaters should check out the Alambre, and I like the tostadas. My new favorite that I discovered recently is the Queso Flamiado, which is essentially ground beef and cheese set aflame and served with pico and tortillas. Oh the gooey, cheesy goodness! (Fair Warning Commences)I have been going to this place since I was too young to remember. They used to fix me a little bowl of shredded chicken and sour cream when I was young and picky. Therefore, this review might be a little biased.

Blue Baker- I have not really tried their salads or soups, but I am very fond of their sandwiches and breads. Last time there I saw they had bagels. I think they are now the only place in town that produces them. I don't think they are a chain yet, but they want to be one eventually (I suspect).

Jin's- I think they are the best Chinese in town but I have met people who prefer Chef Cao's.

Jin's World Cafe- This place is owned by the same people, but the menu is different. They have a wider selection, with Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Cantonese dishes. I don't like it quite as much as Jin's, but it is still good (especially if you want something different).

Square One- Mostly a pasta place, I really like their soups, especially the cream of asparagus.

C & J Barbeque- Most everything they make is decent and most of it is good. Their cole-slaw is too sweet for me, but my dad likes it.

Martin's Place- Martin's has great atmosphere. They got their historical marker recently. The food is good too.

Layne's- This is the place to go for a chicken strip box with extra fries. The spicy, peppery sauce that comes with it for dipping is excellent. Plain, and they don't serve much else, but they are good at what they do.

Burger Boy- They have a very wide selection, for a burger joint. Good for burgers, gyros and a multiplicity of fried goods. One of my friends is a big fan of their cheesecake, but I haven't tried it. They also deliver.

Otto's Bakery & Cafe- Their Bakery section is better than their cafe section in my opinion, except for their home made salad dressing. If they ever bottle the stuff they'll be rich. I like their kolaches for breakfast. Someone told me the cream cheese kolaches used to have more filling but I haven't noticed. Get there early when they are still hot and you will be very happy.

Cafe Eccell- People have mentioned this before, and I agree. I am a big fan of their wood-fired pizzas (the Greek one is my favorite). My husband likes their corn chowder (he has a sweet tooth).

Haiku Sushi/Kyoto Sushi- These are both owned by the same people (according to the grapevine) and are of about the same quality in my mind. There is a price difference, with Haiku being the pricier establishment. I think they are both pretty good, but I am handicapped in that they are the only places I have ever had sushi.

Pho John's- The food is good, but there are two too many televisions. I like the red bean drink, gooshing up the red beans, the coconut milk, the ice, the green gelatin-y streamers (not sure what they are). Fun!

Steak and Seafood (AKA Bryan Seafood Steakhouse)- Not a lot of selection, but their steaks have an interesting seasoning. I don't recommend the pad thai. It's not bad, but go to Thai Taste if that's what you want. There are also too many televisions here. You can't sit anywhere (except possibly outside) without seeing one. :(

Roly Poly- Probably actually a chain or hoping to become one, they are still neat to check out because they combine things I wouldn't have thought of putting together. Kind-of expensive for what you get, but nice once in a while.

Sorry if this is too long. I started when I saw there weren't any real recomendations for B/CS, and I just kept going. Hope somebody finds these useful.

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  1. This list is so nice.. Being an international Student at A&M, I hardly came across these places.. nice job

    1. Good recs. I would add to the list Fritella's in Bryan on Texas Ave, a few blocks north of University.

      Great casual Italian, absolutely beautiful outdoor patio.

      1. Messina Hof Winery's dining room is one of the nicest places in the area.

        1. I've also compiled a list of Bryan/College Station restaurants that I like (inspired by this post!). It's a bit more updated than this previous list, I think.


          1. I hope to remember this the next time I'm in B/CS. Thanks :)

            1. I second Fritella's!! They're food is great - especially their breadsticks. Though, you have to order the marinara sauce separately, which is kind of weird. I LOVE the margherita pizza, and I've had the lasagna - it's good - but it's incredibley creamy and rich, a little too intense for me :)

              1. I'll second the Messina Hof recommend. Check out their web site they have special events throughout the year. Food is good. Do a wine tasting too.

                Second Cafe Eccell. Good food and good pizza.

                Also Taqueria Arrandas for mexican like my momma makes.

                Rudy's BBQ-we've liked everything we've tried there, but we haven't tried the other BBQ places in town.

                We tried Fritella's once and we're crazy about it. Maybe we got it on a bad night. It wasn't bad it was just ok. I only wish I could remember more specifically what it was about the food. I know we ordered a calzone and the lasagna though.

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                  opps, meant to say we weren't crazy about Fritella's

                2. As an A&M alumnus, I approve of this list :)

                  Also...back about 7 or 8 years ago, I used to eat at this soul food place out on Hwy 21 in Bryan (Sue's, Suzy's, Susan's??...something like that). Anyone know if this place is still around?

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                    Mi Cocina (George Bush & Wellborn) -- great, cheap Mexican food

                    Christopher's -- fine dining; this is where our group went when we went to Ring Dance

                    Chicken Express -- the other alternative to Layne's; good sweet tea and awesome corn nuggets

                    Fitzwilly's -- decent burgers for cheap

                    There's also a little Cajun booth in the parking lot of Schlotzsky's and IHOP. The food is not too bad. The menu is limited because of its size. I also believe they only take cash.

                    Unfortunately, Thai Taste is no longer open. The owners moved back to Thailand. They had the best beef salad and pad khee mao anywhere (I mean ANYWHERE). Supposedly, their son will re-open the place since he's in culinary school.

                    Jin's is definitely the place to eat Chinese food. The lunch and dinner specials are a wise pick. My favorite there was always the Mongolian beef/chicken.

                    The food at Jin's World cafe, in my opinion, is bland. I think it's because there's a heart symbol next to a lot of the items denoting that they're healthy and heart-friendly.

                    If I had a choice to eat at Haiku or Kyoto, I'd definitely pick Kyoto. Haiku is overpriced and the food tastes relatively similar to Kyoto. So, go to Kyoto to save yourself some money for the same food. I mean, I wouldn't pick either places, but you're in C/S so your choices are limited.

                    I wish there was a better Vietnamese restaurant in C/S, as I am Vietnamese. Unfortunately, Pho John and Viet Taste were the only places that served Vietnamese food and they certainly don't represent our food at its best (lack of quality, variety, and price). Like I said, it's C/S - you take what you can get.

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                      The Cajun stand in the IHOP parking lot is Hebert's, a favorite.

                      1. re: donnaaries

                        I second Heber'ts. Nothing fancy, just good. Great pot roast sandwich! I miss that place!!!

                    2. re: jwynne2000

                      I think the place you are thinking about is called Shannon's. Yes the place is still around, and the food is great there!!!

                    3. Our new favorite now that Blue Heron is gone is Madden's in downtown Bryan. Actually it was always a tie between the two . . .

                      Went for lunch last week and had the cream of poblano soup, which was very good but I think I like the tomato bisque still better. The chicken fried portobella mushroom was very good, but extremely rich and filling - no room for the wonderful looking desserts. Shoulda had a salad rather than the soup and the mushroom . . .has a good website to check out their menu and specials before going. Not meant for kids, but my 10 year old loves to go here when he has an excellent report card - but he is a foodie-in-training and will willingly dress up to go here. Very romantic in the evening - very crowded at lunch, go before 12:00. Becoming better known by the month, so reservations may be the way to go . . .

                      1. Spice Bowl the only Indian restaurant? I think not! TAZ Indian Cuisine is the bees knees.