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Dec 12, 2013 04:07 PM

Bake sale results...

I love giving people new food experiences. We had our Student Nurses Association bake sale yesterday and I made 4 "individual sized" Sticky Toffee Puddings and each came with a container of extra toffee sauce (about 3/4 cup). One of our friends that works with my wife at the college emailed Mrs. Potato with her reaction to her and her husband's first sampling of authentic STP:


I have never had sticky toffee pudding. Haven't even had anything close - which is sad, since Harry Potter loves those things . . . .

Anyway, it should have come with serving size guidelines: a sixth or an eighth of the container would do . . . . holy sugar high. (What, I fell asleep . . . eventually.) The topping was divine. I am still debating whether I would like ice cream or whipped cream with it.

Also, I bought ONE mini-loaf of bread. I had a couple bites of it before I ran out last night.

I came back, and Mr. Crawford said, "That banana bread WAS good." (Note the word.)

He ate my banana bread.

"I thought you left me half!"


Was that a one-day thing? Or will there be more? *Note the hopeful, slightly desperate look."

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  1. have posted on here after making a concoction of STP from combination of recipes and doing a crazed sauce that my husband and I both about drowned in sea of ecstasy. such a ridiculously delicious dessert.