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404 Kitchen (Nashville)

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Tried this cool little spot, built out in an industrial looking space.

Small uncomplicated menu, as I think they are still working out the kinks, but it's a very interesting one.

Starters range from cheese selections to crudo, and the mains go from sea (fish primarily) to fowl, bovine and swine.

Started with the squash soup, which was nice and thick without being heavy, although I thought the kitchen used too heavy a hand in garnishing the soup with pumpkin oil.

The swordfish dish was simple, but highlighted the meatiness of the fish without making it tough and steak-like (in a bad way). In a previous visit, I had the Sheepshead risotto, which was fantastic, but alas it's no longer offered.

The place also has a nice bar (which is where I dined both time), with a good selection of whiskeys, and a couple of Japanese whiskey hidden gems (in Nashville, no less!). The Old Fashioned is good, as well, here.


404 12th Ave

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  1. Thanks for the review -- I've heard good things, but no details. It's high on my to-try list.

    1. Will be in Nashville later this month and strongly considering having a dinner here. The menu sounds fantastic and, if it's anything like FIG in Charleston, I will absolutely love it.

      Thanks for the review