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Dec 12, 2013 02:55 PM

Fun dinner out with some teens

Taking my niece and nephew out for their annual b-day dinner next week. Anyone have any fun, hip and delicious suggestions?

Playa cabana, barque, grand electric, libretto, rock lobster have been done so I'm looking for something new.

How about home of the brave? We tried guu izakaya last year but it was too long of a wait. Has the hype died down there or is it still a shit show on a Thursday night around 7/8 pm?

Any other ideas?

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  1. I was about to suggest an Izakaya! I can't comment on the wait at Guu. We tried Hapa Izakaya in the summer and I am pretty sure we were able to make a reservation there - food decent, music VERY loud.

    You may want to consider Khao San Road for Thai - need to be there early to not wait in line.

    Stockyards would also be a fun option.

    Good luck!

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    1. re: TeacherFoodie

      Yeah Stockyards would be fun, but the seating would kinda be annoying perhaps with 5 of us going.

      Khao San Road will def be an option, forgot about that thanks.

      Ps. I'm with DPCDSB, and you? ; )

      1. re: TeacherFoodie

        i agree with TeacherFoodie about her izakaya idea. i haven't been to guu recently so i can't comment on the weekday lineups (i've always gone before 6pm to avoid the wait) but there are a couple of izakayas that do take reservations (ie kingyo, zakkushi etc). i didn't find kingyo as alive as guu on my single visit so it might not have that energetic vibe you're looking for.

        i went to zakkushi last weekend and they do a pretty cool thing for bday boys/girls. they turn off all the lights and make a ton of noise when they bring out the cake/whatever. they also take a polaroid of the special person!

        edit: apparently guu takes reservations now? their yelp profile indicates so. can anyone confirm this?

        1. re: blitz

          Awesome info, just made a reservation at Sakabar (Izakaya was fully booked). Menu @ Sakabar looks about the same as izakaya.

          1. re: squirms

            For what it's worth, I find Sakabar a little quieter. They also have a little side room where you kneel on mats instead of sit at a table. It could be worth seeing if you can reserve your table in that area specifically.

            1. re: Sagesse

              My nieces and nephews love noodle bar. could be a fun, cool choice

      2. In particular order:

        Rose and Sons
        The County General
        416 Snack Bar (maybe too much bar for their age)
        Rhum Corner

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        1. re: ComerDemonio

          Big Crow would also be a really fun place to take them.

        2. I liked the feel of Reds Midtown last Friday. Booked reservations on Open Table.
          Food was inventive and fresh.
          Comfortable seating, interesting crowd.