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Dec 12, 2013 02:49 PM

Gray Ridge Eggs From U.S.

Today I bought a 18 pack of Gray Ridge large eggs from Foodland, a Sobeys company, for $2.77 on special.
The package clearly states the eggs are from the U.S.
Gray Ridge is one of the largest egg companies in Canada.
I am frankly appalled that they would sell non Ontario eggs here.
I will report on their quality tomorrow.

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  1. Then why aren't they Grey Ridge?

    ...just answered my own question. They are owned by the Gray Family. And they are also an egg marketer as well as producer so I guess that's why they are selling American eggs.

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    1. re: hal2010

      The Canadian Egg Marketing Association is supposed to supply us with eggs from Canada. Now Sobey/Foodland has a special, and they let Gray
      Ridge flood the market with American eggs, from drugged hens without expensive quotas.
      I'm calling Gray Ridge tomorrow, probably to hear some nonsense about a misprint on the cartons.

      1. re: jayt90

        No response from Gray Ridge yet.

        We will have to watch the cartons carefully. This one, Gray Ridge Premium large eggs, clearly says: Product of U.S.A., and: USDA Grade A.

        The quality of the egg I had for breakfast was fine. It was very fresh, perhaps due to a lot shipped in for a special. Also, my Foodland store is 12 km from Gray Ridge headquarters in Strathroy.

        1. re: jayt90

          Gray Ridge has just called me back. They use USDA eggs regularly when there are a lot of specials. Source is in Michigan. The eggs are inspected by CFIA.
          I think this is common industry practice now, and we can make a decision by looking at the source on the carton.

          My question is, why does the egg marketing board let this occur? Surely they can lower the hen quota fee so that there are enough hens in Canada to meet the demand. That is their mandate.

          1. re: jayt90

            Same old hypocrisy and self-justification. As the middleman, don't expect Gray Ridge to be contrite, especially given the price spread between American and Canadian hen fruit. I see the same thing occasionally with Loblaw PC bacon that's plainly US product with a USDA stamp.

            1. re: Kagemusha

              The price spread is because of the crazy U.S. subsidies which are now on the floor in Washington:


              1. re: DockPotato

                And then there are proposed cuts to food stamps...

    2. If we don't buy them then there will not be a demand for them and they will stop selling them.

      1. Canadaian egg marketing authorities are regularly allowing U.S. imports by the two largest egg farm/marketers, Burnbrae and Gray Ridge.
        I have checked supermarket shelves frequently, and the most likely USDA eggs are large white, and premium white eggs, especially 18-packs, but often 12-packs.
        U.S. growers can use antibiotics and hormones in the chicken barns.

        I don't understand why the Canadian Egg Marketing Agency does not keep these eggs out.
        Did they not register enough Canadian birds with expensive quotas?
        Could they not allolw farmgate eggs (small unregistered flocks) to be graded and sold if there is a shortage?
        We are paying a hefty price for eggs to suppport a restricted production, and yet the floodgates are open for U.S..eggs.

        I understand that fresh chicken meat trays can also be Amedrican, when there is a shortage of Canadian birds.

        1. I've bought Burnbrae USA eggs before and they are actually my favourite eggs. Wish I could find them more often. It is mentioned here under producers