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Dec 12, 2013 02:35 PM

Sauces to serve with falafel?

Anyone got innovative sauces to go with falafel besides tzatiki and hummus?

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  1. I whirl a jar of drained, roasted peppers in a food processor to create a pasty puree, then I add some tzatiki that's been thinned out by a bit of milk and makes a very thin, drizzling type of sauce. I enjoy a sauce but I really enjoy a THIN sauce because the falafel is so delicate. The sauce keeps about a week in the frig, so adjust your batch by how many falafel your setting up.

    1. Never had it with tzatiki or hummus. I only eat it with Tehina - watered down and seasoned with garlic, lemon and salt - s/b consistency of heavy cream... and my friend who is from India makes it with a garlicky cilantro chutney.

      Edit: Oh, and an Israeli friend of mine eats it with an eggplant/mayo dip or an eggplant/tehina dip (in both cases, he roasts the eggplant and then digs out the inside)

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        garlicky cilantro chutney sounds fantastic! I would def. thin that out too before drizzling.

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          The eggplant sounds awesome! Going to try that! Sort of an eggplant puree, huh?

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            I don't think he purees them. He roasts the eggplants (until very very soft), spoons out the insides and then with a fork, he mushes them a bit (I think pureeing them will make it more like baby food) - then he adds minced garlic, lemon juice, S&P and tehina in one and mayo in the other.
            I agree - they are both delicious (not to mention healthy)

        2. as well as tzatziki I also like a mild chilli-tomato sauce

          1. The only three that should be considered are tahini, schug and muhammarra.